Ornella Vanoni: «Love? Strehler, then Paoli: for him I got married dressed in yellow. Now I miss my parents”

Of Maria Volpe He is 88 years old, on January 13 he will resume his tour in Bologna, with an all-female orchestra: I don’t compete with women and I have no envies, I don’t know if this is solidarity. Sisterhood? No I do not believe it This interview, published on 7 on newsstands on 30 … Read more

Goodbye Ornella Vanoni, the announcement that no one would have wanted to hear | She didn’t make it

Goodbye Ornella Vanoni the announcement that no one would have

Timeless icon of music, Ornella Vanoni destroys her fans with a social post. Different, out of the chorus, curious even if shy, unconventional, but disciplined, in life as in her profession, theater and pop music: Ornella Vanoni has made her being an artist a virtue. An extraordinary career and an extraordinary artist who still today … Read more

Ornella Vanoni sinks Mara Venier “Che zocc ** a!” The situation has degenerated

Ornella Vanoni sinks Mara Venier Che zocc a The

Ornella Vanoni against Mara Venier: the words of the singer have frozen the audience and the presenter Ornella Vanoni goes down hard and accuses Mara Venier. During an episode of Sunday In in which she was a guest, the singer did not spare herself: “What a bitch!” he told the host. Accusation or jokes? The … Read more

Ornella Vanoni, then Marco Mengoni for the first time in Piazza S. Giovanni The chronicle

from Laura Martellini Ambra Angiolini and Bugo present the concert in Piazza San Giovanni. From 3 pm Carmen Consoli, the Lista Representative, Marco Mengoni and many others perform. Big Mama and body shaming: «They called me fat. But today I feel beautiful ” The Ukrainians Go-A with that hymn to peace which is John Lennon’s … Read more