Iran, “14 year old raped to death because she took off her veil”: Masooumeh and the brutality of the regime

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

In Iran the regime’s violence knows no bounds. Use them intimidationthe arrests, the executionsand even it rape to force to wear the veil and thus repress the dissent. The last case, revealed by the NGO Center for Human Rights in Iran and reported by New York Timesis that of Masooumeh, identified in the American newspaper … Read more

Iran, in prison the actress Taraneh Alidousti, had posed without a veil

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Of Alessandra Muglia The protagonist of the Oscar-winning film “The Client” supported the protests on social media. Fears for the fate of a female doctor Her international fame was not enough to protect her: the actress ended up in prison yesterday in Tehran Taraneh Alidoustialso known in Italy for her role in the Oscar-winning film … Read more

The former Sister Cristina gives an encore to Verissimo: “I have been reborn after removing the veil”

The former Sister Cristina gives an encore to Verissimo I

The 34-year-old Scuccia has returned to Silvia Toffanin’s living room to add a second chapter to her story of transformation Posted on: 27 November 2022 20:34:00 Source: Frame bet Seven days ago he amazed Italy by telling a very true to have undressed the dress and to be no more Sister Christinabut simply Cristina Scuccia. … Read more

Inclusive Europe with the veil. It’s a storm over the EU’s “Islamist” commercials

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Perhaps few have noticed it, but what is about to end was the European Year of Young People. The goal of this European Year of Youth was to shine the spotlight of the entire European Union on the importance of its young people in building a better future: greener, more “inclusive” and more digital. A … Read more

Sister Cristina took off her veil and left the consecrated life: “Now I’m Cristina Scuccia and I’m a waitress in Spain” – PHOTO – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Extraordinary EU Council on energy on 30 September Commission Plan

To see her without a veil she is almost unrecognizable. Sister Christinathe winner of The Voice of Italy of 2014, he decided to leave the consecrated life. Today is Cristina Scuccia and faces his new life, always dedicated to the world of music. It was Scuccia herself who told of her choice very true. “If … Read more

Very true, Sister Cristina: “I took off the veil, today I’m a waitress”

Very true Sister Cristina I took off the veil today

The winner of The Voice 2014 tells Silvia Toffanin the reasons that led her to leave the consecrated life: “A leap into the void, but now I live with a smile” Posted on: 20 November 2022 19:33:00 Source: Frame bet Sister Christinathe nun who became famous in 2014 by winning The Voice of Italysaid goodbye … Read more

“Referendum on the veil in the Constitution”: Erdogan’s “Islamist” move

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

The question of veil has now returned to central Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched the proposal to induce a referendum to include in the constitution the right of women to wear the hijab in public buildings. In fact, Ankara has banned the veil in public for years and the government of theAkp Erdogan has … Read more

“No to EU funding to promote the veil”. But the left rejects the amendment

Listeria in burrata and pancakes the food products indicated to

The left, including our own, falls for it again. In words he condemns the imposition of veil Islamic, but in fact it is unable to distance itself from what many women experience as a real abuse. There is not only the case of the uprisings in Iran, or the Taliban in Afghanistan. There are also … Read more

Iran, so the veil has become a symbol of an internal break in society: between the faithful to the principles of the revolution and those who are tired of impositions – Il Fatto Quotidiano

During these weeks of protests in Iran for the death of the 22-year-old Mahsa Aminithe question of veil it is monopolizing the attention of the Western media. In some ways even well beyond its overall relevance within the deep crisis that the country is experiencing and certainly to the disadvantage of less symbolic but deeper … Read more

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the dress code and the mistakes in the looks: Kate with the pearls loved by the sovereign, Meghan does not wear a veil – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Kate flawless as always, with the pearls much loved by Elizabeth. Meghan inevitably in the spotlight, with a cape dress and hat. They have not gone unnoticed the looks sported by the guests at the solemn state funeral of Queen Elizabeth, especially those of the royal family. Obviously the dress code, mandatory for all 2 … Read more