Domenica In, Mara Venier exaggerates with Bocelli and sons: it’s controversy on the web

Domenica In Mara Venier exaggerates with Bocelli and sons its

Viewers did not like the long and a little too celebratory interview with the tenor’s family: the Rai 1 variety submerged in criticism on social media Posted on: 11 December 2022 18:51:00 Source: Facebook @domenicainrai Andrea Bocelli was among the guests of the episode of Sunday In broadcast on 11 December on Rai 1. The … Read more

Mara Venier, the serious illness told live: “… nothing to do” –

Mara Venier the serious illness told live nothing to

Mara Venier and the serious chronic illness told on live television has left everyone breathless: that’s who it’s about One of the presenters who, thanks to her enormous professionalism, has won the attention of millions of viewers who today love and esteem her particularly is she, the splendid Mara Venier. The woman has now been … Read more

Ornella Vanoni sinks Mara Venier “Che zocc ** a!” The situation has degenerated

Ornella Vanoni sinks Mara Venier Che zocc a The

Ornella Vanoni against Mara Venier: the words of the singer have frozen the audience and the presenter Ornella Vanoni goes down hard and accuses Mara Venier. During an episode of Sunday In in which she was a guest, the singer did not spare herself: “What a bitch!” he told the host. Accusation or jokes? The … Read more

Mara Venier, the sparkling suit at the Biagio Agnes Award: gorgeous

LIVE Giochi del Mediterraneo 2022 in DIRETTA ori nel tennis

The summer appointment with Mara Venier to the conduct of the evening dedicated to Biagio Agnes Award, one of the most prestigious journalistic awards that this year also saw Amadeus among the winners. And Zia Mara took the opportunity to enchant with a sparkling trouser suit, by Paroshthe brand that signs almost all of its … Read more

“It’s the last year that …”: Mara Venier confesses it in front of everyone – the Democrat – Free Information Journal

Its the last year that Mara Venier confesses it

Mara Venier made a confession that left everyone speechless: here’s what she revealed to her fans, the details They define her as the Aunt of Sunday because of her professionalism but above all for her thirty-year broadcast which, even today, is able to be very successful: we are talking about her, the queen Mara Venier. … Read more

Positive Amadeus at Covid: skip the award ceremony with Mara Venier

After a long and successful television season, summer has also come for Amadeus. But just when he could let his guard down, he discovered he was positive at Covid: the conductor should have participated in the Agnes Award, an important event that saw Mara Venier and Alberto Matano at the helm. However, he was forced … Read more

Elisa Isoardi ready to return to tv, it’s official: challenge with Mara Venier

Two years ago he had greeted the public for the last time, after learning of the cancellation of The cook’s test from the Rai schedule: a lot of water has passed under the bridges, and now Elisa Isoardi is ready more than ever to return to the scene. The confirmation has arrived recently, but fans … Read more

Alberto Matano and Riccardo Mannino got married: the emotion of Mara Venier

The first photos of the wedding between the journalist and host and the lawyer of the Cassation Alberto Matano And Riccardo Mannino they married. The s was pronounced around 6.30 pm today at the Antonello Colonna Resort & Spa in Labico, near Rome. An expected, felt, followed marriage. Because he is one of the most … Read more

Domenica In: Renato Zero: “What did you smoke?” Venier crushed and criticized

After thanking the public for the special that aired on Friday, Mara Venier welcomed into the study of Sunday In Renato Zero. The singer-songwriter presented himself with three gift bags, handing one to the hostess: the present in question contained his first editorial project, Act of faithwhich landed on 8 April in bookstores. The second … Read more