NEWS – Deulofeu in group, there is the result of the exams for Consiglio, Pinamonti and Verdi! Seagulls…

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Towards the 18th day of Serie A, various training news and more arrive, in fact also keep an eye on the transfer market since the session will end in about twenty days. PINAMONTI AND ADVICE – Sassuolo sheds light on the injuries of Andrea Consigli and Andrea Pinamonti. Here is the club’s official report with … Read more

They Traviati us: what a horror Verdi with sadomasochistic whips – Matteo Milanesi

All we needed was Giuseppe Verdi in an LGBT and rainbow version. This time, the protagonist of the politically correct work is the director Luca Baracchini, who has “remodeled” The Traviata of the great Verdi in a sort of transgender show. Violet Valery she lives in doubt of her gender identity, constantly mirroring himself and … Read more