Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Missile attacks in the night, one dead in Kharkiv. Moscow: “Ukrainian rockets on two power plants in Donetsk, one victim”

Ukraine Russia war news today Missile attacks in the

Ukrainian artillery missiles hit and damaged the power station of Starobeshevskayain the Donetsk region of Russian-occupied Donbass, resulting in the death of a woman. In the meantime, the Ukrainians celebrated Orthodox Christmas under the bombs, many in shelters, and in the evening, at midnight local time, the unilateral truce of 36 hours decided by Russia … Read more

Investigation into fake green passes, Madame speaks: “I am a victim of fear of my parents. Now I’m ready to get vaccinated” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Maldini Milan are not satisfied with a Scudetto the Champions

L’negative influence of the family and alternative medicine. There confusion and the silence during the waves of Covid. Then, with the pandemic loosening its grip, the desire to read up and the beginning of a journey of vaccination. In between, the investigation of the Prosecutor of Vicenzawho entered her in the register of suspects for … Read more

Forspoken is more a victim of marketing and gamer ignorance than a downgrade

Forspoken is more a victim of marketing and gamer ignorance

With Forspoken we are falling back into one of the oldest vices in the sector, namely that of creating prejudices about a title starting from completely wrong assumptions, demonstrating for the umpteenth time that we do not understand much about how video games are developed, especially triple A ones. It is above all the fault … Read more

The “cannibal of Kobe” has died: in 1981 he killed, raped and ate the remains of his victim

from Clare Barison Issei Sagawa was 73 years old and living with impunity in Japan after being declared incompetent by the French authorities. In 2009 he told Vice that he was still obsessed with cannibalism and that his desire to eat a woman had become imperative. He had himself admitted to killing, raping and then … Read more

Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison. Her scammers defend her: «Silicon Valley victim»

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

He Raised $945 Million for a Revolutionary One-Drop Blood Testing System That Never Worked NEW YORK – Eleven years and three months in prison for Elizabeth Holmes, the “female Steve Jobs”. Her conviction for defrauding his investors (from whom she raised $945 million) to whom she said she had created a revolutionary system for analyzing … Read more

Google shuts down Hangouts, the chat that should have competed with iMessage: the latest victim of BigG’s chaotic messaging strategy

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

The company has been pushing its users towards Chat for years but the Mountain View strategy on messaging and video calling has been a real chaos in recent years Google has closed an important page in its history related to messaging services: Google Hangouts has been permanently retireddirecting users to the Google Chat service that … Read more

‘Now let’s see what happens.’ Boiocchi’s threats on the phone with an Inter manager, a victim of extortion

Ansia stress disagio psicologico in 7 anni casi quadruplicati A

“Now let’s change tactics, now we take things by force and then let’s see what happens”, shouted on the phone Vittorio Boiocchi, the ultra boss murdered in the house, to an Inter manager, guilty of not having warned him of the arrival in January 2020 of the new signing Young at the airport, taking away … Read more

Tragedy in Argentina, clashes between fans and police: repression, tear gas and total chaos during Gimnasia-Boca. There is a victim

Tragedy in Argentina clashes between fans and police repression tear

It is still clear what exactly happened on the night of Argentine football. a night marred by unspeakable clashes between police and fans who asked to enter the stadium to see Gimnasia-Boca, much awaited game by the fans. And that today, unfortunately, also includes a victim in its sad final balance. Tragedy touched on in … Read more

Listeria, eats sausages and dies in Alexandria: a man suffering from meningitis, he is the fourth victim

Listeria eats sausages and dies in Alexandria a man suffering

An 80-year-old man died four days after eating chicken frankfurters. He had contracted Listeria monocytogenes meningitis Posted on: 04-10-2022 09:29 JOURNALIST AND DEBUNKER Journalist passionate about fact checking, crime and pizza. Tobacco addict and caffeine addict, since 2016 he has been collaborating with and since 2018 he has been working for Optimagazine in the … Read more

Tapiro to Flavia Vento, true victim of the Totti-Blasi case

In the episode of Monday 3 October 2022 of Strip the News, Flavia Vento receives the Golden Tapir for the Francesco Totti-Ilary Blasi case. Valerio Staffelli then reaches the showgirl because of the rumors that in this period have returned to the surface in reference to the alleged betrayal of the footballer many years ago. … Read more