United Kingdom, the largest telephone scam: seventy thousand victims, 60 million euros stolen

United Kingdom the largest telephone scam seventy thousand victims 60

Scotland Yard has dismantled an organization that defrauded elderly or non-tech-savvy people Posted on: 24-11-2022 22:54 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences from Sapienza University and Master in Digital Journalism from Pul in Rome, he has been a professional journalist since 2007. He worked as an editor in various local newspapers and, subsequently, held the … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today. Missiles over Zaporizhzhia: “Victims are being sought in the rubble.” Zelensky: “No short term”

Ukraine Russia war news today Missiles over Zaporizhzhia Victims

The Russians have launched a rocket attack on an industrial plant in the city of Zaporizhzhia: the bombings from the day of the missiles that fell in Poland they never stopped again. Now the Defence of Moscow also accuses the Ukrainians of having killed “more than ten Russian soldiers” in cold blood in the Donbass … Read more

Ukraine: ‘Russian missiles on Poland’, two victims. Moscow: ‘They’re not ours’. NATO on alert – World

Ukraine Russian missiles on Poland two victims Moscow Theyre not

The EU is in shock and NATO is on alert for the missiles that fell in Poland in the evening causing two deaths after the rain of more than 100 Russian rockets that fell on Ukraine in the afternoon, yet another challenge by Vladimir Putin to the world in full G20: it is the first … Read more

After Nina Corradini, the former blue gymnast Anna Basta also announces revelations and launches an appeal: “Do not judge our families, their victims like us”

After Nina Corradini the former blue gymnast Anna Basta also

“Nina and I have had a similar experience and now we have decided not to shut up anymore.” So the former Butterfly of the national team Anna Basta talk about confessions of his partner and young promise of rhythmic gymnastics Nina Corradini. The young woman revealed the insults and psychological violence received by the Federgistici … Read more

Shooting in North Carolina: five confirmed victims, a minor arrested

Shooting in North Carolina five confirmed victims a minor arrested

Yet another shooting in the United States. In Raleigh, North Carolina, a teenager killed five people with a shotgun before being arrested Posted on: 14-10-2022 10:49 JOURNALIST Journalist, screenwriter, graduated in Communication Sciences. I write because I adored the sound of my grandfather’s Olivetti and because, due to my bad education, I still ask myself … Read more

Stockton’s serial killer terrifies the US: six deaths, the same modus operandi and a detail that unites the victims

Discount assault on low cost shopping against expensive bills and

A new serial killer scares the California. In Stockton, a city of 445,000 inhabitants a few kilometers from San Francisco, six people have been shot dead from April 2021 to today. And all of them would die at the hands of the same person. The police investigate and promised one $ … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Moscow, “Traffic on the Kerch Bridge reopened”. Night raid on Zaporizhzhia, Kiev: “Dozens of victims and injured”

An explosion occurred yesterday on the Kerch bridge, which connects Russia to Crimea and is the flagship of the occupation. For Zelensky’s adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, “it’s just the beginning”. At the head of the Russian forces appointed the hawk Surovikin. War in Ukraine, global tensions: what you need to know Live news from the Ukraine-Russia … Read more

«Rust», incident on the set: agreement between Alec Baldwin and the victim’s family

Discount assault on low cost shopping against expensive bills and

The star’s lawyer revealed this, without disclosing the terms of the accommodation. Filming will resume in January with the original cast and Halyna Hutchins’ husband as executive producer About a year after the tragedy on the set of the film Rust been achieved a deal between the family of Halyna Hutchinsthe director of photography killed … Read more

Devastating fire in a church in Egypt: at least 41 victims, many are children

Devastating fire in a church in Egypt at least 41

A fire broke out in the Coptic church in Giza, Egypt: according to initial estimates, at least 41 have died, many of whom are children Posted on: 08-14-2022 13:55 ADVERTISING JOURNALIST Graduated in Sciences and Technologies of the Arts and Entertainment, Master in Dramaturgy and Screenplay. I worked for cinema and digital seriality, but my … Read more

Raid on Gaza: Islamic Jihad leader killed, nine victims. Israel recalls 25,000 reservists

from Davide Frattini Operation «Breaking Dawn» has started. Among the victims also a little girl. Hamas: Israel will pay the price A rectangle of wall detaches from the wall of the block in the center of Gaza: where there was a window now there is a hole three times the size that expels dust and … Read more