The most scandalous commercials ever seen | What is not invented to sell a car [VIDEO] –

The most scandalous commercials ever seen What is not

Someone will surely have lost their jobs after these terrible commercials: here are four cases – but we could list many others – in which a brand has gone too far to sell a car with scandalous advertisements! Create an effective advertising spot e able to stay in the lead to the potential customer is … Read more

GF Vip, Sara Manfuso and Giovanni Ciacci: the shocking video / “Let’s simulate sexual violence”

GF Vip: Sara Manfuso and Giovanni Ciacci filmed in a gruesome curtain, the Web is indignant … Sunday, in the house of the Big Brother Vip 2022a creepy little curtain was broadcast, which the public did not like very much and which involves two tenants of the house: it is Sara Manfuso And Giovanni Ciacci. … Read more

“Disgusting hyenas”: Giovanni Ciacci’s outburst of cruelty, they tore him to pieces [VIDEO]

Disgusting hyenas Giovanni Ciaccis outburst of cruelty they tore him

Giovanni Ciacci ended up in the crosshairs in the last hours after the cruel words spoken. The house is haywire and the prey is only one. Giovanni Ciacci points the finger at Marco Bellavia FFwebmagazine 30_09_22 (Mediasetplay screenshot) Giovanni Ciacci is one of the protagonists of GF Vip 7 which has just reopened its doors. … Read more

Google Stadia closes: the reasons for the flop of “console-free video games” and how to get a refund

Google Stadia closes the reasons for the flop of console free

After just two years, the gaming project will be put aside. The story of a project that got off to a bad start Goodbye to Google Stadia. The cloud gaming service developed by the Mountain View giant and launched just three years ago will officially close its doors on January 18, 2023. The news came … Read more

Fifa 23, all about the release of the video game: prices and when it arrives

1664626418 Fifa 23 all about the release of the video game

There are a few hours left until the official release of Fifa 23, arriving on September 30 on old and new generation platforms. The football title is the latest signed by EA Sports under the Fifa brand, since from next year the franchise will be distributed under the name of EA Sports FC. Waiting for … Read more

The video of the launch of ULA Delta IV Heavy: the spectacular space rocket ” that catches fire ”

The video of the launch of ULA Delta IV Heavy

Although we are now used to the spectacular launches and landings of space rockets like those of SpaceX, with their return to the droneship (or on the pads) or the first tests of the components of the new Starship carrier there is another type of rocket that has its own charm “old school” not being … Read more

VIDEO – Chiariello’s editorial: “Worried about Kim, but there is a new air in Naples”

VIDEO Chiariellos editorial Worried about Kim but there is

“It is a hoax that of Turkish CNN that Manchester United exercised the release clause in January”. In the course of ‘Campania Sport’ on Channel 21the journalist Umberto Chiariello intervened with his usual editorial: “There is a nice diatribe that social media are launching these days about who is the greatest striker of Napoli. Who … Read more

Weather – Fiona reaches Canada with hurricane winds, historical and extreme event, damage Video

Weather Fiona reaches Canada with hurricane winds historical and

reading time1 minute, 45 seconds Hurricane Fiona after crossing Bermuda UPDATE SUNDAY: MANY DAMAGES IN NEW SCOTLAND, THERE ARE ALSO MISSING INSTEAD IN NEWFOUNDLAND-LABRADOR – The worst has now passed with the cyclone that has carried over the extreme Northeast of Canada, towards Newfoundland-Labrador and San Pierre, weakened but still able to determine conditions of … Read more

What happens if you fall asleep while driving? This car saves your life | The video is impressive –

What happens if you fall asleep while driving This car

Lately, the very famous cars of the South African entrepreneur Elon Musk have rained a lot of criticism relating to the safety of the autopilot. Are they deserved? See what a Tesla can do all by itself … Fall asleep is one of the most feared eventualities by any motorist who travels long after sunset … Read more

Fiat Abarth, a new 124 Spider arrives? Here’s how it will be (VIDEO)

Fiat Abarth a new 124 Spider arrives Heres how it

The Turin house is in the midst of an epochal transformation. In addition to city cars, a peppery version of the 124 Spider by Abarth could arrive in 2024. After the merger with Stellantis, the former FCA group has definitely focused on hybrid technology, with an eye to a future electrification of the range. Inevitably, … Read more