China, the front of the protest against the government is expanding: citizens take to the streets in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdou and Wuhan – The videos

China the front of the protest against the government is

The protest areas of the population are expanding by the hour China against the zero-policyCovid decided by Beijing and against the tightening of isolation measures, while infections are constantly increasing throughout the country. In fact, the country today records a new record of daily positives, touching altitude 40 thousand. In some videos circulated on social … Read more

The latest news from the Artemis I mission: new high-definition images and videos

The latest news from the Artemis I mission new high definition

After launch of 16 November 2022the Artemis I mission is proceeding as expected, with the Orion capsule that performed in the past few hours the flyby of the moon to take advantage of the satellite’s gravitational pull and thus enter a retrograde orbit that will take it up to about 65,000 km away, further than … Read more

In Switzerland, nine people with spinal paralysis start walking again thanks to electrical stimulation in damaged areas of the spinal cord – videos

Dopo la ritmica tocca alla ginnastica aerobica magre e grasse

Start walking again – literally – thanks to electrical stimulation of the spinal cord area. A new study conducted by the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausannein Swissand published in the journal Nature, opens up to this new discovery that could represent a real breakthrough in the treatment of patients affected by spinal paralysis, long considered … Read more

He approaches a 4-year-old girl with videos on her phone, rapes her and throws her dying in the fields

He approaches a 4 year old girl with videos on her phone

The horror in India where the little girl was found 16 hours after her disappearance, alive but in very serious conditions. A 22-year-old local waiter accused of the terrible crime. The agents arrived after hearing various witnesses. With the excuse of showing her videos on her cell phone, approached a 4-year-old girl convincing her to … Read more

Denise Pipitone, videos and the “unknown language”: the Roma track reappears

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Back from the past an old track up Denise Pipitone. The transmission “2 pm”Thus launches the appeal to try to recover wiretapping that could support the so-called Roma track, finally closing the circle and giving the family a tangible hope to find the child who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo on 1 September 2004. A … Read more

Someone has posted dozens of videos of GTA 6. Take-Two fixes it, but it’s late: so many have seen them

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

UPDATE 15.53: In a note posted on Twitter, Rockstar Games said that “we recently suffered a network intrusion where an unauthorized third party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from our systems, including development videos for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto“. The company does not anticipate that this will cause “any disruption” of its … Read more

The bruises, the undated photos, the videos (and Kate Moss): this is how Amber Heard lost to the “pirate” Depp

from Matteo Persivale The bruises, the undated photos, the videos (and Kate Moss): how Depp’s lawyer put Heard in crisis The pirate ship of Johnny Depp – luxury lawyers, appraisers for a thousand dollars an hour, Kate Moss witness surprise as in the old Perry Mason series, the bizarre parade of depositions collected between assistants, … Read more

War in Ukraine, live coverage – New York Times publishes two videos on civilian prisoners threatened by Russians and then found killed Bucha – Il Fatto Quotidiano

War in Ukraine live coverage New York Times publishes

20 May 2022 09:50 The Ukrainian General Staff: “Russian attacks on Donetsk intensified” In the direction of Donetsk, the Russians stepped up “offensive and assault operations to improve the tactical situation” by inflicting “fire damage from mortars, artillery, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and operational tactical aircraft, destroying the fortifications” of Ukrainian units along the line of … Read more

DJI Mini 3 Pro, photos and videos. This is the drone to buy

DJI Mini 3 Pro photos and videos This is the

We tested the DJI Air 2S last year, and called it a near-perfect drone. The only criticisms were related above all to bureaucratic problems, associated with an excessive weight that DJI has not been able to reduce: the components have a weight, and certain functions also require certain components. The DJI Air 2S … Read more