Weekend initiatives: from the Christmas Village to gospel choirs

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Do you want to advertise on this site? One of the most magical times of the year has finally begun. The first weekend of December has many surprises in store to please young and old: from Christmas markets to live concerts by some of the big names in Italian songwriting. Below we recommend a list … Read more

Resident Evil Re: Verse, the review of competitive multiplayer for Village owners

1667659134 Resident Evil Re Verse the review of competitive multiplayer for

The wait for the Resident Evil Re: Verse review has been long, but here is finally the free competitive multiplayer for Village owners. How long have we been waiting for the release of Resident Evil Re: Verse? The competitive multiplayer experience that Capcom promised Village owners it would have to coincide with the last chapter … Read more

Resident Evil Village, the third person horror

Resident Evil Village the third person horror

The Winters expansion introduces the possibility of playing the Resident Evil Village campaign with a third-person view: what does it add and what does it take away from the Capcom title? The release of theExpansion of the Winters from Resident Evil Village brought with it several new features: from the Shadows of Rose expansion to … Read more

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Review between third person and mercenaries

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Review between third person and

In addition to the final piece of the Winters saga, which we talked about in the review of Resident Evil Village Le Ombre di Rosethe Gold Edition of Capcom’s multi-faced survival horror lets you experience Ethan’s dark journey from a new perspective, with a third person viewand very effectively expands the play offer through Additional … Read more

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose, the review of the expansion dedicated to Ethan’s daughter

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose the review of the

The Winters saga ends with the awaited expansion of Resident Evil Village dedicated to Ethan’s daughter, now a teenager: the review of Shadows of Rose. Capcom has certainly managed to tell a different story than usual with the Ethan Winters saga, to which the last two chapters of Resident Evil have been dedicated. Thanks to … Read more

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose, we tried the third person DLC at TGS 2022

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose we tried the third

“Rose is not as strong as Ethan, she is not an expert in combat and she does not know how to use a gun: to survive she must use her powers”. When we met him at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, the director of Shadows of Rose, Kento Kinoshita, immediately sets the record straight, explaining … Read more

THE CITY OF THE FUTURE Zucchetti Village, a “revolution” is coming to Lodi

THE CITY OF THE FUTURE Zucchetti Village a revolution is

The demolitions in the former My Lodi are underway, this is how the futuristic company headquarters will be in the studio designed by the Lombardini 22 studio At the heart of the project is the reuse of the My Lodi shopping center. Partly demolished, emptied of volumes, completely re-invented. With internal courtyards – equipped with … Read more

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose DLC and third person coming

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC and third person.webp

As expected, in its latest showcase Capcom gave space to several productions currently in development, including Exoprimal (here our interview with the Exoprimal development team) and Resident Evil 4. In addition to the view placed behind Leon’s back, on the style of the remake of the second chapter, the unreleased material was scarce but things … Read more

Capcom Showcase 2022: all the announcements, from the Resident Evil Village DLC to Exoprimal

To crown a week of great events, the Capcom Showcase 2022during which the Osaka house presented its very rich line-up of games and DLCs arriving in the coming months. The show opened with a new Sunbreak trailer, expected expansion of Monster Hunter Rise set for June 30 on Nintendo Switch and PC. The presentation offered … Read more

Eurovision, the Village opens at full volume. On Sunday the gala evening in Venaria

Turin reacted warmly on Saturday afternoon, regardless of the rain that fell on the hill of the Valentino park. And there were throngs of people along Corso Massimo d’Azeglio (the entrance is to the castle) so as not to miss the inauguration of the Eurovillage, dedicated to the theme of peace with a combative intervention … Read more