Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni: “My compensation goes to the fight against violence against women”

Sanremo 2023 Chiara Ferragni My compensation goes to the fight

Chiara Ferragni’s words on social media – “I am proud to announce that I have donated the entire fee for my participation in the Sanremo Festival to the DiRe association (Women on the Net against violence) – explains Chiara Ferragni on Instagram – In Italy, today more than ever, there is need to speak and … Read more

Storm on There’s mail for you, the report to Agcom against Maria De Filippi: “She was silent while talking about violence in a couple”

La stangata dei mutui fino a 2000 euro lanno in

“You’ve got mail staged misogyny without an intervention from the presenter”. This is what the non-governmental organization denounces Difference Woman who decided to report the bet of the program conducted by Maria DeFilippi, which aired last January 7 and which featured a Roman couple and their “interrupted marriage”, to the Communications Guarantee Authority (Agcom). For … Read more

WhatsApp: content can be reported to the police | The NO to violence –

WhatsApp content can be reported to the police The

Be very careful what you write from now on on WhatsApp because it could cost you dearly, especially if someone, reading your messages, should feel offended or even in danger. WhatsApp has added a feature to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. On social media, there has long been a phenomenon of people using social media to spread … Read more

Asia Argento and Weinstein’s latest conviction: “After the violence, 16 years of analysis”

Asia Argento and Weinsteins latest conviction After the violence 16

Of Laura Martellini The actress published a long post on Instagram against “victim blaming” which places responsibility for what happened on those who have suffered a crime A long postalmost an outlet, after the umpteenth condemnation of the powerful Hollywood producer last Monday Harvey Weinsteinfound guilty of three new cases of sexual assault and already … Read more

The attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband: this is how Trump’s rhetoric cleared the violence

Paris Berlin clash in the EU on price cap and Sure

from Massimo Gaggi America has had political crimes, but the new climate exasperated NEW YORK – NI would not be surprised if before the elections there was the murder of a deputy or a senator: we have gone from telephone threats to physical violence. A few days ago yet another alarm for the climate of … Read more

Adriana Volpe, violence and mistreatment: the dramatic story

Adriana Volpe violence and mistreatment the dramatic story

Adriana Volpe makes very serious accusations against her ex-husband Roberto Parli and is ready to start a war in court to get justice. This, unfortunately, it’s not a good time for Adriana Volpe. After being replaced by Orietta Berti as a columnist in Big Brother, La Volpe is still looking for a new position within … Read more

GF Vip, Sara Manfuso and Giovanni Ciacci: the shocking video / “Let’s simulate sexual violence”

GF Vip: Sara Manfuso and Giovanni Ciacci filmed in a gruesome curtain, the Web is indignant … Sunday, in the house of the Big Brother Vip 2022a creepy little curtain was broadcast, which the public did not like very much and which involves two tenants of the house: it is Sara Manfuso And Giovanni Ciacci. … Read more

It ended badly for Katia Ricciarelli, a situation that got out of hand to the point of violence | photo

It ended badly for Katia Ricciarelli a situation that got

A truly extreme situation that experienced by Katia Ricciarelli who has not been able to withstand the emotional stress coming to raise her hands. We have all come to know Katia Ricciarelli in recent years thanks to her participation in various reality shows where she has laid bare showing us the different facets of her … Read more

Goodbye Irene Fargo, “good soul”: the return to the scene after the violence and love for her daughters

Stop to thermal cars the prospects for Italy

The world of music mourns the passing of Irene Fargo, great singer and undisputed protagonist of the Italian scene in the 90s. Much loved by the public, she had had a brilliant career that had brought her even one step away from winning the Sanremo Festival. Then her sudden silence: she for a long time … Read more

John Wick: Hollywood petition on gun violence spark furious debate. What changes will there be on the film? | Here daily

John Wick Hollywood petition on gun violence spark furious debate

John Wick is the hit movie series starring Keanu Reeves, which will soon see the release of a sensational new chapter. But the appearance of one petition it could change some papers in order and modify the imprint of the film. ‚ÄúConsidering there have been over 250 other mass shootings so far this year, it’s … Read more