Omicron 5, how to defeat it? The role of mucosal immunity to close the gateway to the virus

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Current vaccines authorized by international regulatory bodies, from the American FDA to the EMA forEuropehave shown that they can guarantee protection in the face of serious illness caused by the Covid. Even in the presence of the new variants Omicron 4 and 5. What they fail to provide is a wall to infection. The virus … Read more

Omicron 5, rapidly growing infections: ten tips that are always useful to avoid the virus. The risks of imprudence

Omicron and the highly contagious variant Ba.5 they resume galloping. Virologists agree: the “break the lines” (the surviving limitations are few and sometimes not even comprehensible: yes on high-speed trains too, no on airplanes) is helping Omicron 5 to spread at very worrying levels even if there are few cases of serious complications. So? Caution … Read more

Omicron 5 is the most contagious virus in the world, virologists alarm: it will affect everyone, even healed and vaccinated

Omicron 5 is the most contagious virus in the world

From Caruso to Pregliasco and Bassetti, experts ask for attention for the sub-variant Omicron 5 which is very contagious By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 06-28-2022 16:57 49 There pandemic from Covid-19 is not behind us and we must not let our guard down because, as the experts say, the Omicron sub-variant 5 she is very … Read more

Omicron 5 is the “most contagious virus in the world”: alarm from virologists. Bassetti: “Without the fourth dose it will be painful”

Omicron 5“Perhaps today can be considered the virus most contagious in the world and precisely in this characteristic lies its danger “: compared to the coronavirus that overwhelmed us like a tsunami in the early stages of the pandemic” it is certainly less aggressive, but remains problematic because in causing so many infections it can … Read more

The monkeypox virus is evolving rapidly. What element is involved? Do vaccinations play a role?

The monkeypox virus is evolving rapidly What element is involved

A new study in monkeypox provides a possible clue as to why the virus is spreading so rapidly. Researchers have found that the virus contains an unusually large number of mutations, which could represent “accelerated evolution.” According to the new peer-reviewed study, published on June 24 in the magazine Nature medical Medicine, the new monkeypox … Read more

The infectious disease specialist. «Summer with the virus, but Covid has changed. You have to understand it “

The infectious disease specialist Giovanni Di Perri, director of the infectious diseases department at the Amedeo di Savoia hospital in Turin – Imagoeconomica Three floors dedicated to infectious diseases,Amedeo di Savoia hospital in Turinonly one remained exclusively dedicated to Covid patients “and at the moment – explains the director Giovanni Di Perri – it’s half … Read more

Omicron 5, the in-depth study: “The more this virus mutates, the more contagious it becomes. The latest variant also infects the re-infected”

As in other European countries, cases of coronavirus positivity are starting to rise again in Italy and Emilia Romagna. In the province of Forlì-Cesena people travel at the rate of over 500 infections a day. The perpetrators, the scientific authorities agree, are the new variants of the virus, such as Omicron 5 (BA.5), which is … Read more

Poliomyelitis, the virus detected in UK waters: why it’s bad news

New health alarm coming from United Kingdom, which in 2022 has already gained a reputation as a pool of viruses and diseases. Indeed, after twenty years of rigorous “polio-free”, the British health system has taken over traces of the poliomyelitis virus. The traces, from an initial reconstruction, were found inside the wastewater to the north … Read more

The polio virus is also back: the first ‘case’ in Europe in almost 40 years

The polio virus is also back the first case in

Covid was not enough, acute hepatitis in children and the monkeypox, now polio is back. After almost 40 years of absence, the virus has returned to circulate in London, alerting the entire medical-scientific community. The alarm was raised by the UK Heath Security Agency (Ukhsa), which in collaboration with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory … Read more

Long Covid, more than one in two patients have symptoms of the virus after 24 months

from Sergio Harari Shortness of breath and pains: the study on the infected in the first wave. Older age and female sex are risk factors for developing lasting symptoms On the long-term course of the post Covid symptoms we still know little but recently a Chinese study has provided us with valuable information on what … Read more