Brazil, the Court of Auditors calls for the freezing of Bolsonaro’s assets. The US: “If he entered with a diplomatic visa, he will have to leave the country”

La stangata dei mutui fino a 2000 euro lanno in

Bank accounts held by Jair Bolsonaro they may soon be blocked. He writes it Cnn Brasilaccording to which the deputy attorney general of the Brazilian Court of Auditors (TCU), Lucas Rocha Furtadowould have asked for the measure to be applied for the former president, as well as for the former head of public safety in … Read more

Zelensky to EU: impose visa restrictions on Russians. Blinken: “Moscow respects the rights of prisoners”

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Giusi Fasano and Online Editorial The news of Saturday 13 August, live. Still alarm in Zaporizhzhia after the new bombings. Moscow to the US: “Relations at risk of breaking up if we are declared sponsors of terrorism” • The war in Ukraine has come to 171st day. • Kiev counterattacks in Crimea. … Read more

Great Britain closes to Italian graduates: no universities for the “special visa”

Great Britain will launch a special visa for students who have graduated from the best universities in the world, but not even an Italian one appears in the list drawn up by the British government: they do not have high enough positions in the world rankings FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTLONDON – Barred doors a London for … Read more