Madame, vaccine scandal: in Rai… sensational voices towards Sanremo

Madame vaccine scandal in Rai sensational voices towards Sanremo

Daniel Priori December 27, 2022 Don’t want someone else’s green pass. Especially if fake. Don’t say bad words in the Sanremo songs. Especially in the titles. It is not the out of place refrain of a broken and moralizing record but the two burning themes that see Madame at the center, singer-songwriter among the protagonists … Read more

“The Taliban are looking for us”, “Please help us”. Voices from forgotten Afghanistan

(Edolo) The rain – thin and pungent, the kind that bothers you – has just stepped aside. The Oglio river rumbles more than usual in a strangely deserted town. Who can, on this Sunday morning, stay indoors, enjoying the heat and, above all, the dryness. The bravest, on the other hand, are racing on the … Read more

Those corpses in the camps of the boy-soldiers: the voices of those fleeing from the “oblast” of Kherson

from Marta Serafini, sent to Zelenodolsk and Mala Shestiryna (Kherson region) Near Kherson trenches, bodies in the middle of the lawn, women who lived for months in the cellar before fleeing. The tales of the “captain” Oksana ‚ÄúThese are their bodies. The bodies of those dogs. ‘ The Ukrainian captain Andriy looks towards the horizon, … Read more