Moscow opens to talks with Kiev. Media: “97% of ‘yes’ to the referendums for annexation to Russia. The Duma will vote on October 4th” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

1664305324 Moscow opens to talks with Kiev Media 97 of yes

In the’last day of voting for the annexation of the occupied territories ofUkraine at the Russiathe Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and former President of the Federation, Dmitry Medvedevhe goes back to talking about nuclear weapons and the right he has Fly to use them “if necessary, according to the doctrine nuclear“And” in … Read more

Listen to TV | Monday, September 26, 2022. The National team is close to 7 million (31.4%), GF Vip stops at 2.4 million (17.8%), STEP restarts from 8.1%. Specials on the vote: Zoro (6.8%) better than Iacona (5.1%) and Porro (6.5%). La7 third network in 24h (7.7%)

Listen to TV Monday September 26 2022 The National

Hungary-Italy Yesterday evening, Monday 26 September 2022, on Rai1 from 20:47 to 22:38 Hungary-Italy of Nations League won 6,949,000 spectators equal to 31.4% share (first half to 7,102,000 and 31.6%, second half to 6,803,000 and 31.2%). On Canale5 from 21:31 to 1:22 Big Brother Vip it glued in front of the video 2.447.000 viewers with … Read more

The White House on the vote in Italy: «Impatient to work with any government. Thanks Draghi ». Truss wishes: “United for Ukraine”

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

“We are looking forward to work with any government that comes out of the Italian elections to advance our common values ​​». From the US comes the first comment on the Italian political elections which saw the center-right coalition obtain a clear victory at the polls. The spokesman for the State Department declared cooperation intentions … Read more

The stock exchanges today, September 26th. Spreads and BTP yields rise after the Italian vote

The stock exchanges today September 26th Spreads and BTP yields

MILAN – After the Italian vote, with the massive success of the center-right coalition and the affirmation of the Brothers of Italy, lo spread between BTP and Bund Germans, a thermometer of the reliability that the markets attribute to Italy, expands to 236 basis points. Even more salt the ten-year yield tricolor, reaching 4.46% on … Read more

Spread, BTP and Stock Exchange, here’s how the scenarios change after the vote: “The challenges are growth and debt”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

During the night, a point became clear to those who look at Italy from the City of London: the country is not returning to 2018, not now. Then the uncertainty after the vote and the emergence of a coalition between Lega and Movimento 5 Stelle, which hardly hid the temptation to exit the euro, almost … Read more

The fraud of the vote to become “Russian”: soldiers behind, open ballots and washing machines as a reward

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

from Francesco Battistini Go to the vote for the annexation. “You can also check no: in this case your details are recorded”. “Or a hooded man gives you a kick in the kidneys” FROM OUR SENDKIEV – We vote in the gardens and in the cortili. In the kitchens and on the stairs of the … Read more

Ukraine, ‘armed Russians force to vote’. Kirill: ‘Enlist, if you die you will be with God’. Moscow admits ‘hysteria’ after mobilization – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine armed Russians force to vote Kirill Enlist if you

Threats to citizens and armed groups to force people to vote. On the first day of the referendum wanted by Fly in the People’s Republics of Donetsk (RPD) e Lugansk (Rpl) and in the territories freed to join the Russia – with former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev declaring the “protection” of the vote “any Russian … Read more

Vote in France, Melenchon’s success: Macron ahead of a whisker (+ 0.09%), majority at risk

We will have to wait another seven days to figure out who will have the majority in Parliament in France. With a turnout never so low in history, the key to victory is in fact in the “reserves of votes” on which each of the parties can count. Traditionally, the ballot reserves in the French … Read more

In France we vote again, and Macron is threatened from the left – Il Post

Loading player On Sunday 12 June in France there is the first round of legislative elections to renew the National Assembly, the chamber that gives confidence to the government. The second round will be on June 19th. For the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, who has recently obtained his second mandate, it will be … Read more

Boris Johnson is saved from the vote of no confidence of the Tories for the Partygate: in his favor in 211. But his is a mutilated victory: dissent is growing – Il Fatto Quotidiano

He ‘won’ 211 to 148, but his majority is little more than the bare minimum. Boris Johnson he was saved from the vote of no confidence of the Tories on Partygate and remains leader of the conservatives and therefore Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but despite preaching optimism, it will be necessary to see … Read more