Sarah Palin against Alaska’s multiple-preference voting system: “Even Trump could lose in 2024”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

from Viviana Mazza The former governor defeated in the race for a seat in the House, while the moderate senator Murkowski beats another Trumpian candidate. The multiple-preference vote introduced this year at the behest of the citizens is under accusation From our correspondent NEW YORK — Alaska’s multiple-preference voting system is being used for the … Read more

Ukraine, second day of voting in the annexation referendum – Chronicle

Ukraine second day of voting in the annexation referendum

In an interview with the President of the European Council Charles Michel said he was in favor “in principle” of the hypothesis that Europe would open its doors to fleeing Russians, after the announcement of partial mobilization by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Michel specified that the EU should show “an openness to those who … Read more

Eurovision 2022, Ukraine wins with the Kalush Orchestra: “For our people”. Yellow Laura Pausini, disappears from the stage during the voting: “I was too excited” (PHOTO) – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Winning the Eurovision Song Contest is Ukraine with the Kalush Orchestra.This is the live broadcast of the evening: an impeccable show, a rediscovered passion of the Italian public for this event, never so followed. With the medley of Laura Pausini the spotlight on the final of theEurovision Song Contest 2022. The singer, for the occasion … Read more

Assicurazioni Generali Assembly, foreign funds have decided on the future of 63 billion in government bonds by voting with Mediobanca – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Between Mediobanca and the families of Italian entrepreneurs led by Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, the foreign shareholders of Generali follow Mediobanca. In a very crowded assembly that he saw represented over 70% of the capital due to the highly contested renewal of the board of directors of the company that it holds over 60 billion of … Read more