Anxiety and depression are fought with a walk in the woods

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EGI – After a walk in the woods, the shoulders sag, the heart stops pounding, thoughts flow a little calmer. This was revealed by new research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) just published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Led by Professor Simone Grassini, together with his team, the research has … Read more

Walking, what is more important than the number of steps you take or the speed at which you walk?

Walking what is more important than the number of steps

The number of steps per day may not be the most important element in improving your health – discover the secret to a healthy life Walking a lot or walking fast? Either method gives the best results for whole body health, reducing the risk of heart disease and dementia. One exercise we can all do … Read more

Samantha Cristoforetti, walk as in 2001 A Space Odyssey: spectacular show in orbit

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It turns out that sooner or later Samantha Cristoforetti will be hired by Hollywood, perhaps immediately after having participated in the NASA Artemis program in the next few years that will bring crews back to the moon. After playing characters from Star Trek on the international space station, the saga that influenced her choice to … Read more

Lele Spedicato and Clio Evans: “The stroke and then the coma, it’s only thanks to her that I walk and still love”

Lele Spedicato and Clio Evans The stroke and then the

from Andrea Laffranchi Clio: «I worked in a bar and a waiter asked me for help to ask Lele and Giuliano dei Negramaro for a selfie. Lele said to me: don’t you want to take a picture? “ Making sense of the word destiny. With this spirit Clio Evans and Lele Spedicato they wrote a … Read more

The rules of the perfect brisk walk that really extends your life

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AGI – “Come on, accelerate, come on…”. We are often lazy and proceed at a slow pace. Even in our daily walk, which we generally do to keep ourselves fit and keep any cardiovascular problems as far away as possible. So much so that we even equip ourselves with a special “pedometer”, downloaded to our … Read more

“My dog ​​does not walk well, he must be killed”, but the vet saves and adopts the puppy

My dog ​​does not walk well he must be killed

Bella was only six weeks old, but she risked it might be her only six weeks to live. Yes, because the owner of her dog, a puppy to be precise, no longer wanted her: «she doesn’t walk well». This is the reason given to the veterinarian in justifying the request to cancel it. She actually … Read more

High blood sugar, a five-minute walk after lunch is enough to ward off diabetes

High blood sugar a five minute walk after lunch is enough

from Cristina Marrone It takes less time than previously thought to keep blood sugar spikes at bay after eating. And if you really don’t have time, it’s better to stand up than sitting or lying down To do four steps after a meal helps digest better. Studies have already shown that stroll around a quarter … Read more