Walking backwards makes you lose weight and more: incredible and few people know it

Walking backwards makes you lose weight and more incredible and

It seems that walking backwards brings with it a number of positive aspects that have never been considered before. Let’s discover them all! After reading this article, you will no longer think of walking backwards as a trivial child’s game. Indeed, this demonstrates that one can only learn from them! Canva Photo Every time there … Read more

In Switzerland, nine people with spinal paralysis start walking again thanks to electrical stimulation in damaged areas of the spinal cord – videos

Dopo la ritmica tocca alla ginnastica aerobica magre e grasse

Start walking again – literally – thanks to electrical stimulation of the spinal cord area. A new study conducted by the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausannein Swissand published in the journal Nature, opens up to this new discovery that could represent a real breakthrough in the treatment of patients affected by spinal paralysis, long considered … Read more

Walking, what is more important than the number of steps you take or the speed at which you walk?

Walking what is more important than the number of steps

The number of steps per day may not be the most important element in improving your health – discover the secret to a healthy life Walking a lot or walking fast? Either method gives the best results for whole body health, reducing the risk of heart disease and dementia. One exercise we can all do … Read more

Walking: Does the number of steps or speed matter more for health?

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

A study tries to shed some light on the health benefits of walking. And on the age-old question: does the number of steps or speed matter more? Eugenio Spagnuolo September 14 – Milan The myth of the 10 thousand daily steps has been broken, given that according to recent scientific research, even a few less … Read more

Ashton Kutcher says: “Vasculitis prevented me from seeing, hearing and walking for a year”

Ashton Kutcher says Vasculitis prevented me from seeing hearing and

from Cristina Marrone The actor recounted the serious health problem that hit him two years ago: “It took me a year to recover from the disease and I feel lucky to be alive.” Previously two hospitalizations for pancreatitis “A rare autoimmune disease prevented me from seeing, hearing and walking.” It is the shock confession of … Read more

Lose weight with fast walking: beware of these mistakes, they are deleterious

Lose weight with fast walking beware of these mistakes they

Brisk walking is excellent physical exercise for those who want to lose weight. But not everyone knows that there are errors to be absolutely avoided, otherwise the desired effects are not achieved. Physical activity, such as brisk walking, is important for weight control. Because it helps burn calories. If you add 30 minutes of brisk … Read more