EU stock exchanges and Wall Street, the race continues with eyes on US inflation. Milan at the top for 11 months

EU stock exchanges and Wall Street the race continues with

Brazil, stock market down slightly, sales on real after assault on Congress The São Paulo Stock Exchange opened its first session slightly down after the assault on Congress and the buildings of power in Brasilia by thousands of supporters of the former President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. The reference index IBovespa is down by … Read more

Inter-Napoli 1-0, the report cards: Lukaku? No, Dzeko always thinks about it. Osimhen against a wall –

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

INTER 1-0 NAPLES(56′ Dzeko) The story of the race Inter report cards – Edited by Ivan Cardia Onana 6.5 – In the finale, his boxing gloves are also needed. Watch out for Raspadori’s shot, who could have reopened the match but not. Skriniar 7 – Renew, not renew? For once we talk about the field. … Read more

Stock markets, the recovery continues: Milan closes at +1.1%. Wall Street in the red, Tesla collapses

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

FTSE Mib Stock Exchange performance Loading… Unemployment stable in Germany, inflation slows down On the macro front, the unemployment rate in Germany remained stable at 5.5% in December. Furthermore, consumer prices in the country should decrease by 0.8% in December compared to the previous month and the inflation rate is estimated to slow down to … Read more

A wall of “hot smoke” in the sky: what we know about the sighting

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

Deep space still has many mysteries to surprise us with: in recent days, the sky has given us another breathtaking snapshot taken by the cameras of the Hubble telescope. It almost looks like a wall of “hot smoke” standing in the Universe, a truly sensational image. What is it about? The cosmic cloud immortalized by … Read more

For the Stock Exchange a black 2022, for Wall Street the worst year since 2008 – Economy

La vita di Cristina Vittoria Egger chi e la madre

Inflation, interest rate hikes, risk of recession, war in Ukraine: indigestible dishes for the markets, which are already heavily weighed down for the year-end dinner. In fact, 2022 was bad for the world stock exchanges, with Wall street ending the worst year since the crash of 2008 and Milan which has lost a large chunk … Read more

The new slowdown on Wall Street weighs on Europe, Milan closes at -1.1%

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – The second slowdown on Wall Street, which again sees the S&P500 and Nasdaq drop by more than one percentage point, pushes the European Stock Exchanges, with fears of an impending recession mixing with those relating to central bank monetary policies. With … Read more

Anti-migrant wall with Russia: Poland’s move against the Tsar

Anti migrant wall with Russia Polands move against the Tsar

There Poland does not want to risk reviving them same scenes seen a year ago on the border with Belaruswhen thousands of migrants they stormed the borders. The Warsaw government has thus announced the green light for the construction of a large barrier along the borders with the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Because Poland has … Read more

The storm on Wall Street cost the tech super-rich over $ 480 billion

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

AGI – The twenty richest technology billionaires in the world have lost all together this year, last Thursday, more than 480 billion dollars, due to the stock market fall. This is the result of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the daily ranking of the richest people in the world: which includes, in the order of billions, … Read more

Meta sinks to Wall Street, loses 80 billion. Ko also Amazon – Economy

Palermo no longer knows how to win with the Cittadella

Mark Zuckerberg asks for “patience” but Wall Street turns its back on him. Faced with a quarterly report with halved profits and declining revenues, Meta stocks sink, losing 25% and burning 80 billion dollars worth in a single session. A thud that is added to the collapse of 61% since the beginning of the year, … Read more

Cassano argues with Moggi: “I rejected Juventus twice for you, I would have stuck you on the wall”. He replies: “You wouldn’t be able to”

Cassano argues with Moggi I rejected Juventus twice for you

Long-distance dispute (via social media) between Antonio Cassano and the former Juventus director, Luciano Moggi. To unleash the clash to the sound of chirps and videos a judgment of the Bari, given during an episode of the BoboTvon Cristiano Ronaldo, now taken out of Manchester United squad. Called a declining footballer by the former Real … Read more