Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Counterattack in Kiev, the Russian city of Belgorod and the Melitopol airport, headquarters of the Moscow troops, hit

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The Russian offensive grows on the Donbass front where the fighting is intensifying: “Fierce hostilities continue along the entire front line”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky took stock of the Ukrainian resistance. “In many rear-facing cities there is now a feeling of relaxation, but the war is not over – he said – His cruelty is … Read more

War in Ukraine, live. “Lysychansk in the hands of the Russians.” But Kiev denies it. Zelensky: hostility in the Donbass

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“The Ukrainians attacked us. Our anti-aircraft systems have intercepted the missiles launched at our military facilities. They are provoking us. We do not want war, but we are ready to fight if we are invaded ». Belarusian President Lukashenko, hitherto a reluctant ally of Putinraises the tone and accuses the West of creating a «new … Read more

Ukraine, Kadyrov ‘Lysychansk has fallen’, but Kiev denies it. Zelensky: ‘The war is not over’ – World

Ukraine Kadyrov Lysychansk has fallen but Kiev denies it Zelensky

“In many cities of the rear now” one feels relieved, “but the war is not over, its brutality is increasing in some places and this cannot be forgotten”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Telegram, addressing an appeal to Ukrainians to “help the army, help volunteers, help all those who are left alone at this … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Kiev: “Phosphorus bombs from the Russians”. Zelensky negotiates the dispatch of new weapons to repel Putin’s offensive

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The bomb on the Odessa apartment building caused 21 victimse: it is the final toll of the latest massacre of civilians caused by the Russian attacks. The Black Sea front remains warm after Putin’s army had to abandon the Isle of Snakes. Right on the strategic post for the defense of the Ukrainian coast, Russia’s … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Russian missiles on an apartment building in Odessa: 18 dead

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Eighteen people died in a missile attack on an apartment building in the southern Ukrainian region of Odessa. Thirty were injured, including three children. But bad news comes from the Black Sea front for Putin: the Russian withdrawal from the Isle of Snakes it makes the threat of a landing in Odessa almost nil. And … Read more

Direct Ukrainian war, Russians leave Snake Island. The president of Indonesia: «Zelensky’s letter to Putin». But Kiev denies it

Direct Ukrainian war Russians leave Snake Island The president of

In the myth ofSnake Islandabandoned yesterday by Russian forces as a “gesture of goodwill” according to the Kremlin, under the weight of Ukrainian attacks according to Kiev, there is the whole Russian-Ukrainian war, including the mystery of underground mediations. The latest, yesterday, that of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who announces that he has delivered to … Read more

Ukraine Russia, news on today’s war | US 007 alarm: Moscow could use nuclear weapons

from Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro and Paolo Foschi The news of Thursday 30 June on the war, live • The war in Ukraine came to 127th day. • The Russians continue to press on Lysychansk. Kiev forces lack weapons, ammunition and indispensable devices such as night vision goggles. • The US 007: Will Moscow use … Read more

Putin towards the Russia-NATO war, Suwałki gap is the “ground zero”: this is why (today) it is the most dangerous place in the world

There is a strip of land that risks turning into a spark capable of bringing the conflict to a point of no return. That is the clash between the Russia and the Born, with all the consequences of the case. Is called Suwałki gapbetter known as the “Suwałki corridor”, a sparsely populated area southwest of … Read more

Putin preparing the attack on Lithuania? World War III scenario, fortifications, moats sprout

1656176271 Putin preparing the attack on Lithuania World War III scenario

The crux of sanctions and supplies to the Russian enclave, Kaliningrad, threatens to blow up the tension with NATO By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 06-25-2022 15:56 33 Moats And fortifications. You can see them in a video posted on Telegram by the Belaruski Gajun channel: they are the ones bordering on Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania. The … Read more