Stefano Righi of Righeira: «I wasted a lot of money, Sanremo is our swan song. Today I no longer speak with Rota»

Stefano Righi of Righeira I wasted a lot of money

Of Renato Franco The musician now manages a record label: «Three fantastic years then darkness. We were best friends. The revival saved me.” Stefano Righi and Stefano Rota. So two unknown, but very famous as Johnson and Michael Righeira, the couple who with two songs remained engraved in the bronze of the time of pop … Read more

Inter wasted and Monza equalized in the 93rd minute Finale 2-2

A 71 year old prince the former AfD deputy and former members

Of Alessandro Bocci and Maria Strada Inter are joined twice by Monza: goals from Darmian and Lautaro are answered by Ciurria and, in full recovery, the former Caldirola takes center stage. The Nerazzurri are 34 in the standings, 2 behind Milan 10.50 pm – The results of the 17th day 10.44 pm – Monza-Inter 2-2 … Read more

Women’s Champions League, WOLFSBURG-ROMA 4-1: follow in real time. Wasted opportunity by Haavi (PHOTO and VIDEO)

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

There Rome face the Wolfsburg in the fourth round of Women’s Champions League. Mister’s Giallorossi Alexander Sponge they flew to Germany for the key match of the Group B, as the two teams are tied at the top with seven points in the standings. Spugna confirms the 4-3-3 seen in the league against Milan, but … Read more