Apple Watch Ultra is on sale today, how to choose the right model

Apple Watch Ultra is on sale today how to choose

Watch Ultra arrives on sale today, the smartwatch with which Apple takes Garmin head on. Introduced three weeks ago, the watch differs significantly from previous models (but also from the new Watch Series 8, presented at the same event). The differences are many and point in one direction: finally to offer a watch that covers … Read more

Watch for the queen, Harry can wear the uniform tomorrow

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Online Editorial Buckingham Palace has given the green light to the “rebel nephew”, who has served in the army for ten years. The first lady of Ukraine was also present at the funeral on Monday. Excluding Russia. The case of the Chinese delegation not admitted to the funeral home Prince Harry will be able … Read more

New Apple Watch Ultra with 49mm case, new design and more

New Apple Watch Ultra with 49mm case new design and

Apple announced today Apple Watch Ultrawhich offers a new new design and a wide range of features designed for endurance, exploration and adventure. Apple Watch Ultra features a 49 mm titanium case it’s a flat sapphire front glass making it the largest and brightest Apple Watch display ever. A new customizable Action button offers instant … Read more

Apple event, the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch 8 arrive: the live broadcast

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

iPhone 14 and more: all the news and products presented by Apple at the most important event of the year 19.28 – The real news: the Apple Watch Ultra Let’s enter the segment dedicated to Apple Watch Ultra, the real novelty of Apple watches. It is introduced by talking about athletes engaged in endurance races … Read more

iPhone 14, Watch 8 e molto altro: ecco cosa presenterà Apple all’evento del 7 settembre

iPhone 14 Watch 8 e molto altro ecco cosa presentera

La presentazione degli iPhone 14 Series ma anche degli Apple Watch serie 8, del nuovo Watch 8 Pro e degli AirPods Pro 2 prevista per il prossimo 7 settembre ossia domani. S, alle ore 19 di domani avremo la possibilit di scoprire cosa ha in serbo Apple per il mondo della tecnologia e soprattutto potremo … Read more

Watch out for these drinks: we all drink them but they are harmful, 7 types of cancer

Watch out for these drinks we all drink them but

Alcoholic beverages, among all, are those that most expose you to the risk of contracting serious diseases. Including cancer. Difficult to give up a certain type of drink. A little for vice, a little for taste, there are some that are regularly part of our days. Excluding the water of course. Photo © AdobeStock The … Read more

Food withdrawal, watch out for this cheese: full of bacteria | It’s your favorite

Food withdrawal watch out for this cheese full of bacteria

PDO cheese withdrawn urgently, due to the possible presence of bacteria harmful to human health: at risk of contamination by Escherichia coli. Cheese – Dairy products can contain bacteria that are harmful to human health. Food withdrawal for a DOP cheese The Ministry of Health identified a contaminated cheese. Regular inspections by the Ministry … Read more

What happens with high cholesterol in the eyes and knees, the effects on the body to watch out for

What happens with high cholesterol in the eyes and knees

When asked what happens with high cholesterol, the answers are manifold. Certainly not positive effects on health. L’Attention towards the problem of high cholesterol is increased a lot in recent years. This is good, because this condition can lead to serious complications and risks for the health. Adobe Stock As we know, i Too high … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Watch5 and Watch 5 Pro are official! Features and Prices – Andrea Galeazzi

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

The undoubted protagonists of today’s unpacked were the two folding Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 but Samsung didn’t stop there! In fact, the new true wireless are also arriving Galaxy Buds2 Pro and two new smartwatches, Galaxy Watch5 And Watch5 Pro, let’s see more closely. Galaxy Buds2 Pro Let’s start with the new … Read more