Bottled water, watch the label: this number can do damage to your health – YouTube Magazine

Bottled water watch the label this number can do damage

Plastic bottled water – Before buying bottles of water at the supermarket, read the label carefully. In this way, the food product that is added to the cart is perfectly known. It would be impossible to live without water, humanity’s most precious asset. Since ancient times, populations settled along the banks of rivers (just … Read more

Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in the water: the images are incredible –

Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in

Would you have ever thought that such a high priced Red could end up floating in the sea like any lifeboat or not? The creation is incredible but obviously not for everyone: here is the most absurd Ferrari. Driving a supercar is the dream of many of us motorists but that’s not enough: those who … Read more

Free hot water | This saves over €300 a month on bills –

1673624896 Free hot water This saves over E300 a month

A real revolution that can also save the entire cost of the water bill: free in all homes. For months we complained and went into crisis due to the increase in electricity and gas bills, but also the water supply has reached costs never seen before. Many people have a gas or electricity boiler at … Read more

Where do you store tap water to drink it at the table? Be careful, you could seriously risk the health of the whole family

Where do you store tap water to drink it at

Do you also have the habit of storing tap water like this? Maybe you should know one thing, it affects your health. Tap water and bottled water are different, everyone knows that, but one thing you should know. Many people think that tap water can be kept in bottles for a long time. However, not … Read more

Free hot water at home by mounting the servers on the boiler: the trial of a widespread Heata data center is starting in the UK

Free hot water at home by mounting the servers on

People in South East England can try out a new system of getting hot water for free. Her name is Heata e uses the heat produced by the servers to heat the water from the water heaters in the homes of the people who have joined the project. At first glance, the concept behind … Read more

Drinking little water could speed up the aging process and shorten life expectancy

Drinking little water could speed up the aging process and

We often hear that hydration is important; now comes a scientific study that points out how drinking enough fluids may also be associated with a lower risk of developing chronic disease, a lower risk of dying early, or a lower risk of being biologically older than one’s chronological age. the study is from National Institutes … Read more

How much water should we drink every day? Less than the recommended 8 glasses

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The well-known advice of two liters should not be taken literally: here are the variables to consider on a case-by-case basis to calculate your water needs Source of life and fundamental element for the body and health, water also helps prevent urinary tract disorders, pressure problems, water retention, constipation and fights skin aging, not to … Read more

Russian gas pipeline explodes, 3 dead. Kiev without electricity and without water – Europe

Russian gas pipeline explodes 3 dead Kiev without electricity and

The first toll from the explosion in the Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhhorod gas pipeline, which runs from Russia to Ukraine, is three dead and one injured, reports TASS citing the emergency services. The victims were employees of the gas company and were working on the pipeline. The incident occurred in Russia’s Vurnarsky District in the Chuvash Republic, about … Read more

Mereghetti’s report card: «Avatar – The way of water», a journey of wonders (score 8)

Mereghettis report card Avatar The way of water a

from Paul Mereghetti A family, clashes between humans and aliens on Pandora: 13 years later, Cameron still surprises The wonder belongs to the poet at the end… Gian Battista Marino’s declaration seems to adapt perfectly to this new bet by James Cameron: being able to surprise the viewer, accustomed for years to increasingly phantasmagorical adventures, … Read more