WEC / Ferrari 499P, word to engineer Cannizzo: “The Peugeot concept has been evaluated” | FormulaPassion.it

WEC Ferrari 499P word to engineer Cannizzo The Peugeot

A racing car is beautiful when it wins, but if the opposite were true, the 499P would already have guaranteed success. The Hypercar from Maranello has received the approval of the international audience for the elegance mixed with aggressiveness that transpires from its bodywork, in which you can perceive the touch of the Centro Stile … Read more

WEC / Lamborghini LMDh: twin-turbo V8 to conquer Le Mans | FormulaPassion.it

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The LMDh project with which Lamborghini will compete for the overall victory with a sport-prototype in the main international endurance competitions is taking shape more and more. The house of the bull represents the second manufacturer of the Volkswagen group after Porsche to embrace the LMDh platform in 2024, a presence that of the German … Read more