Weight training reduces the risk of premature death from all causes (except cancer)

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from Cristina Marrone According to the researchers, seniors could benefit from muscle-strengthening activities. But those who also engage in aerobic activity get even better benefits Regular exercise with weights is also linked to a lower risk of premature death from any cause, except for cancer. This is revealed by one of the largest studies of … Read more

The 6 tips for losing weight in menopause: here’s how to slim the waistline

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TOAST – Menopause is a physiological phase in the life of women. It generally starts around the age of 50, and certainly represents the end of reproductive life. The change, by means of anatomo-physiological modifications, can lead to a reduction in bone mass; over time this could lead to osteoporosis and the redistribution of body … Read more

Chronic back pain, often the first step to healing is losing weight – how can it be done

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from Laura Cuppini The extra pounds limit the effectiveness of the therapies: a multidisciplinary treatment is needed. The role of the GLP-1 analogue in weight control Back pain is one of the biggest human problems: according to the World Health Organization the first cause of disability. As well as a (frequent) reason for absence from … Read more

The more you eat, the more weight you will lose! Does it seem impossible to you? Look what we found out

The more you eat the more weight you will lose

It may seem strange but the more you eat these foods the more they will help you lose weight: find out what they are and what happens to your body. September is considered the month of good intentions, where most of us will set goals to accomplish, as soon as possible. They will resume all … Read more

The vegetarian diet for weight loss that is also good for diabetics, here are the tips from nutritionists

The vegetarian diet for weight loss that is also good

Can a vegetarian diet be adopted to lose weight? Surely improving the diet can bring numerous benefits. Lot of Education And searches have shown that prefer a diet rich in vegetables improve the state of health. Even of those who suffer from diabetes. Adobe Stock When we talk about vegetarian diet we must specify well … Read more

If you don’t lose weight, it’s not your fault, but your diet: the tricks to get real results

If you dont lose weight its not your fault but

If you really want to lose weight and get great results, you don’t have to pay too much attention to your diet: that’s where everyone is wrong! There are so many people who have been battling a lifetime of weight problems, whether it is excess or short. If you don’t lose weight, it’s not your … Read more

3 easy exercises to lose weight and tone the muscles of the stomach and buttocks for those suffering from back pain

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

To do physical activity it is pleasant and healthy, it is not just for weight loss and weight loss. It plays a very important role in ensuring good health, at any age. Depending on the age group and any health problems, it should be practiced at different intensities. Surely those who suffer from back pain, … Read more

5 secrets to lose weight at 50 and reduce flabby stomach, hips and arms easily without crash diets or exhausting workouts

Many think of the famous “costume test” in this period. In summer we discover ourselves and inevitably come to terms with what are the modern aesthetic canons. Wasp-like waist, firm buttocks and statuesque physique are the obsession of many women (young and old). The truth, however, is that getting back into shape is not just … Read more

We can train with running and lose weight in the summer only if we respect these important rules

Summer is above all synonymous with rest and vacation. Not only because this season, taking advantage of the holidays, we finally change our daily habits marked by commitments. You have more time to be able to devote yourself to activities that usually end up in the usual “hellish circle” of good intentions. Like, for example, … Read more