‘More than 100 drugs are bad’ do not take them: a list released by a well-known medical journal

More than 100 drugs are bad do not take them

We publish a very long list in which we communicate that more than 100 medicines are harmful, or rather are judged not exactly useful. We are in a time where there is a shortage of the most basic medicines, and news of cures that promise miracles. They are not missing controversythethan on the Covid vaccines … Read more

Priscilla, a well-known face of Euphoria in the Presley biopic

Priscilla a well known face of Euphoria in the Presley biopic

A few months after the release of Elvisthe myth of King of Rock ‘n’ Roll he will be inconvenienced again, this time from his wife’s point of view Priscilla. Directed by Sofia Coppola, in fact, a new film is in the works, centered on the woman who managed to conquer the well-known American star. Just … Read more

Do not eat it 😨 dangerous for health: 3 well-known brands of cheese recalled by the Ministry of Health, the Lots

Do not eat it dangerous for health 3 well known brands

The latest recall from the Ministry of Health concerns a well-known type of cheese, Taleggio. Motivation is disturbing, here’s how to protect yourself. Again a dairy product under the magnifying glass, and again some Lots withdrawn from the shelves. This time the rhealth risk is high due to a toxin very dangerous. Canva It dates … Read more

Listeria in this well-known brand of cooked ham: the withdrawn product

Listeria in this well known brand of cooked ham the withdrawn

The alert goes off at the supermarket, here is the well-known brand of cooked ham that has been withdrawn because it is potentially risky for health. Supermarket alert – Nanopress The Ministry of Health and ours supermarkets they care not only for our nutritional health, but in general for the psycho-physical one. Precisely for this … Read more

“They contain a powerful pesticide”, beware of these ice creams: well-known brand

They contain a powerful pesticide beware of these ice creams

Beware of ice cream contaminated with ethylene oxide disinfectant. Several ice cream companies are withdrawing some packages that appear to be contaminated. Harmful ice creams -Nanopress.it As soon as the temperature column marks a scorching heatone of the few things that give relief in the city is ice cream. Beware ice creams withdrawn from the … Read more

Salmonella alarm, a well-known brand product recalled by the Ministry: pay attention to these lots

Salmonella alarm a well known brand product recalled by the Ministry

Attention should always be paid to the indications of the Ministry of Health regarding batches of foods subject to the recall. And in the last few hours one has been published concerning a brand widely used in Italian homes Sometimes even the best known and most popular food brands may be interested by problems that … Read more

Mino Raiola, the well-known football prosecutor has died

Mino Raiola died at 54. The news was given by the family of the most famous prosecutor in the world of football, with a statement published on the agent’s Twitter profile: “With infinite pain we announce the death of Mino, the most extraordinary prosecutor ever. Mino fought until the end of the match. ‘last instant … Read more