Gimbe, Covid in decline. In 7 days -38.2% of cases and -25.7% of victims – Health & Wellness

Gimbe Covid in decline In 7 days 382 of cases

New cases, hospitalizations (-16.8%) and victims of Covid (-25.7%) in Italy fall by 38.2%. The independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation detects in the week 6-12 January 2023, compared to the previous one, a decrease in new cases (84,060 compared to 135,977) and deaths (576 compared to 775). Currently positive cases are also decreasing (353,643 … Read more

Covid, Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends masks indoors – Health & Wellness

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Kraken extends its tentacles in Europe. Appeared in the United States, where it has already spread widely, the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant named after a legendary sea monster has crossed the Atlantic and could become dominant in the Old Continent “in the next one or two months”. This is the prediction of the European Center for … Read more

Minister Schillaci launches checks on drug shortages – Health & Wellness

Minister Schillaci launches checks on drug shortages Health

A permanent working table, checks and measures to stop the shortage of medicines. This is the response of the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci to a problem “which has reached levels never seen even in the midst of the Covid emergency” according to the distributors. Over 3,000 specialties are temporarily missing, including many in common … Read more

Covid: ‘No asymptomatic swab after 5 days’ – Health & Wellness

Covid, patients at the Turin tampon hotspot © ANSA The Ministry of Health has issued the circular that updates the methods of managing covid cases and contacts. As already foreseen in the rave decree, for cases that “have always been asymptomatic and for those who have not shown symptoms for at least two days, isolation … Read more

Circular Covid, from masks to agile work if the situation worsens – Health & Wellness

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Use of masks indoors, home work and reduction of mass aggregations, ventilation of closed environments and intensification of the fourth doses of the anti-Covid vaccine and a further dose for some categories at risk. These are some of the actions indicated by the Ministry of Health, in the event of a worsening of the epidemiological … Read more

The electronic prescription expires, the doctors: ‘Attesa proroga’ – Health & Wellness

The electronic prescription expires © ANSA December month of deadlines for public health. In addition to the obligation to use masks in hospitals and nursing homes, which will be extended as Minister Schillaci has repeatedly reiterated, another important asset for citizens and doctors has come to an end: the electronic prescription. At the end of … Read more

Tumors, a ‘Kit’ from Gemini to monitor patients at home – Health & Wellness

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The Kit 2.0 project for home assistance and monitoring of patients undergoing cancer treatment was born at the Gemelli Irccs Polyclinic Foundation, at the Gemelli ART (Advanced Radiation Therapy). The initiative involves the creation of an assistance network which, by exploiting a dedicated telemedicine service, IoT (Internet of Things) and mobile applications, makes it possible … Read more

Medicines: over 3.5 million elderly people take 10 a day – Health & Wellness

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In Italy, 2 out of 3 elderly people take at least 5 drugs with different active ingredients every day and 1 out of 4 elderly people (over 3.5 million people) uses even 10. It is ‘polytherapy’, a growing phenomenon, related to aging (today in Italy there are over 14 million over-65s) and the coexistence of … Read more

Covid, hospitalizations and deaths are rising. Few fourth doses – Health & Wellness

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Again, the Covid raises its head and pushes up the curves of the epidemic. In fact, in the last seven days, infections, hospitalizations in ordinary wards and even deaths have increased, while the number of fourth doses of the vaccine administered continues to decrease. The latest data from the independent monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation … Read more

Killer bacteria, possible first cause of death by 2050 – Health & Wellness

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By 2050 super-resistant bacteria to antibiotics could become the leading cause of death in the world, ahead of heart attack and stroke. It is the alarm raised by Andrea Mandelli, president of the Federation of Italian Pharmacists’ Orders (Fofi)on the occasion of European Day and World Antibiotic Awareness Week “It is the scenario that awaits … Read more