Windows and fixtures bonus 2023: deduction and permitted expenses

Windows and fixtures bonus 2023 deduction and permitted

Home » News » Windows and fixtures bonus 2023: deduction and permitted expenses The fixtures bonus, or window bonus, has also been confirmed for 2023, the facilitation that allows access to a tax deduction calculated on the expenses incurred for the replacement of windows and fixtures in one’s home. Let’s see in the following article … Read more

5 new features coming to Windows 11 that many users won’t like

Microsoft head constantly new features for your Windows 11promising users a stream of “constant innovation”. Users can choose to install the latest versions of the software but are not forced to do so, while the bravest can sign up for the Insider program to try preview builds. In the Dev channel of the Insider program, … Read more

Shadow Power: il servizio cloud che offre un intero PC con Windows 10 per giocare in streaming

Shadow Power il servizio cloud che offre un intero PC

Tra i servizi che operano nel settore del cloud gaming, purtroppo ci dimentichiamo spesso di menzionare Shadow. Il motivo potrebbe essere il seguente: l’azienda francese non si occupa soltanto di videogiochi, ma offre un servizio a 360 gradi. Sottoscrivendo un abbonamento mensile, con Shadow avrete l’accesso completo ad un computer in remoto, sfruttando banalmente la … Read more

Slow Windows, with a quick trick you forget the problem: deactivate this function and that’s it –

Slow Windows with a quick trick you forget the problem

Windows is an operating system produced by Microsoft Corporation since 1985, dedicated to PCs, workstations, servers and smartphones. In the beginning it was born as a graphical interface for the first operating systems such as MS-DOS and PC DOS. In 1993 it became an operating system with Windows NT designed for companies and in 1995 … Read more

Windows, the secret function that warms your home without spending 1 euro

Windows the secret function that warms your home without spending

The windows of the house have functions to be put into practice immediately, above all a secret that heats the house and saves money. Secret windows function – The windows in the house they are not only present to allow a privileged view of the landscape, but also to insulate leaving the house warm … Read more

Windows 11 2022 finally available for all users: here are the main news

Panos Panay announced that today Windows 11 2022, this is his name to the public, available in 190 countries around the world, including Italy. The Microsoft CPO underlined how the new version responds to the renewed needs of users in recent years, in terms of functionality and especially security, with Windows 11 introducing a (controversial) … Read more

Microsoft says goodbye to Windows 8.1 – here’s what it means

Microsoft continues to streamline its product park. After having permanently discharged Internet explorer by disposing of it on June 15 just passed after 27 years, he is now preparing to do the same with Windows 8.1 which, of years of service, has much less. As of January 10, 2023, it will no longer be supported … Read more

2 brilliant ideas for making cheap, removable and easy-to-install mosquito nets on windows and balconies and keep insects out of the house

It is important in every home to ensure air exchange by opening windows and balconies. A way that, by creating internal air currents, also allows you to cool off a little in hot weather. Often, however, opening the windows wide means finding a myriad of insects in the house: mosquitoes, ants, wasps, flies and so … Read more

How to defend yourself from “Follina”, the Windows bug with the Italian name

15 Once Follina, a small town of 3,800 inhabitants Unesco Heritage in the Province of Treviso, was famous for its splendid Abbey of Santa Maria. Today it is a bit famous even for a bugvery dangerous, of the operating system Microsoft Windows which bears his name. A name that derives from a coincidence, but which … Read more

Bonus 2022, guide to contributions: from air conditioners to windows, from psychologist to TV. And there is also the contribution for those who adopt a dog

Now there are so many that every time we are about to incur a not exactly irrelevant expense, it is good to check if it falls within one of the numerous bonuses launched in recent years. From the dishwasher to the air conditioner, from the plants for the garden to the taps, from petrol to … Read more