The ghost of Lady Diana in Windsor, Charlotte’s room is haunted

The ghost of Lady Diana in Windsor Charlottes room is

October 25, 2022 11:29 am Psychic Jasmine Anderson is sure: the spirit of King Charles III’s first wife has never left the estate and is trying to protect her granddaughter The ghost in Charlotte’s roomPsychic Jasmine Anderson explained to the tabloid Daily Stars that Lady Diana’s ghost has never left the surroundings of the castle. … Read more

“Just them on the verge of divorce”, the scoop from Windsor grieves the subjects

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Scoop directly from Windsor: they, one of the most beloved of the royal family, are on the verge of divorce. The bad news goes around the world and makes the hearts of the subjects cry with sadness. Drama in Windsor – Beloved royal couple on the verge of divorce. It bursts the Windsor scandal: … Read more

The Queen’s Tomb: Elizabeth II with her husband Philip and father, King George VI. The photo from Windsor Castle

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from Enrica Roddolo A slab of black marble, only the names and dates of birth, with the star of the Order of the Garter. The Queen’s last wishes for her burial at Windsor Manor In the end, at the end of everything after the solemn e majestic state funeral exactly a week ago with over … Read more

Farewell to the Queen, Elizabeth buried in Windsor with Philip. The tears of subjects and royalty – Europe

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Touching and symbolically significant moment before the burial of Elizabeth II. The royal insignia – the crown, the scepter and the golden globe – were removed from his coffin and handed over in St George’s chapel to the celebrant who placed them on the altar.: as if to testify that Elizabeth descends into the tomb … Read more

William and Harry together in Windsor: “King Charles thinks mourning is an opportunity to make peace”

William and Harry together in Windsor King Charles thinks mourning

William and Harry’s walk with their wives at Windsor Castle makes King Charles III happy. According to an aide of the royal family “he would like them to resolve the dispute, he sees this period of mourning as an opportunity for his children.” William and Harry two days ago they visited together with their wives, … Read more

Charles III is king, for him cannon salvos. Harry and William together with their wives in Windsor – Europe

Charles III is king for him cannon salvos Harry and

Charles III was formally proclaimed king in the apartments of St James, in the Buckingham Palace complex, by the Accession Council, an institution called to certify the succession between one monarch and another in the United Kingdom, and which meets only on this occasion. The ceremony, two days after the death of 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth … Read more

Elizabeth II, the Crown treasure and the legacy: the Windsor family’s assets are over 28 billion

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She was one of the richest women in the world: her personal assets are worth about $ 530 million. You head one of the most profitable companies on the planet: the Royal Firm, also known as thefamily business near Buckingham Palace, it is worth about $ 28 billion. And she earned a stellar salary: the … Read more