Red wine and cures for Alzheimer’s, what science has discovered about this ‘odd couple’

Red wine and cures for Alzheimers what science has discovered

They have been saying for years that a glass of red wine a day is good for you: but what does it have to do with treatments for Alzheimer’s? Here are the revelations of a new study. The Wine it is a drink that if drunk in moderation it is good for health, and Research … Read more

Salt Bae publishes the receipt in his restaurant: a dinner for 161,000 euros (52,000 for Petrus wine alone). It’s controversy

Salt Bae publishes the receipt in his restaurant a dinner

Salt Bae he is used to being discussed and talked about. It’s the same this time, because the owner of the chain of the most luxurious meat restaurants in the world, Nusret Gökçe, better known precisely as Salt Bae, has published on its social profiles a receipt for a dinner in its restaurant for around … Read more