LG OLED 2023: from the new G3 with MLA panel to the M3 OLED wireless TV. All the news

LG OLED 2023 from the new G3 with MLA panel

After the announcement on the eve of the opening of the 2023 edition of CES in Las Vegas, we finally had the opportunity to take a closer look at LG’s new OLED TV models and find out what the main innovations are. The segmentation is the usual one to which LG has accustomed us in … Read more

Corsair K100 AIR, the review of the low profile wireless gaming keyboard

Corsair K100 AIR the review of the low profile wireless

Corsair launches a decidedly different gaming keyboard on the market: wireless and mechanical but at the same time low profile. We have often talked about how the gaming peripheral market is now rather inflated, with products that are often extremely similar to each other and a general lack of courage and innovation. A speech that … Read more

Sony Linkbuds S, i nuovi auricolari true wireless: niente “buco”, anzi c’è il noise canceling. La recensione

Sony Linkbuds S i nuovi auricolari true wireless niente buco

Capita che non si faccia a tempo ad avere delle certezze che queste vengono prontamente smentite. Una cosa ci sembrava di aver capito: che gli auricolari true wireless con il “buco” di Sony inaugurassero una nuova linea con questo layout innovativo denominata Linkbuds. E che tutte le prossime Linkbuds sarebbero state con il medesimo … Read more