Russian revenge after the withdrawal: “Kherson bombed”. And in Kiev, one in seven houses is in the dark

Russian revenge after the withdrawal Kherson bombed And in Kiev

The scared «trap effect» of the withdraw of the Russian troops from Cherson, the city occupied by Moscow forces last March and abandoned this month, may have begun to take shape. The Russian army would have launched today a powerful attack on Tavriyskyi, one of the most densely populated neighborhoods, in the north of the … Read more

Ukraine, direct – Russia: “The withdrawal of troops from Kherson is underway”. Erdogan: “Positive decision”. Analysts: “Moscow digs trenches there and in the Crimea” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

10 Nov 2022 18:33 Zelensky: “Possible increase in aid discussed with Trudeau” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had a telephone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he discussed “the possibility of expanding” support for the defense of Ukraine from the Russian invasion. “I had a phone call with Justin Trudeau. I thanked him … Read more

Juve, Allegri: “The withdrawal is not a punishment and the team was not against”

Juve Allegri The withdrawal is not a punishment and the

“Derby with Torino is a tough match. We must all come together, club, fans, players and technical staff” After heavy defeats against Milan And Maccabithe Juve try to start over from derby to turn. And Massimiliano Allegri calmly preaches while also muffling the rumors about the team’s attitude after the announcement of the retirement. “Players … Read more

Withdrawal of the Russians, the cities of the east return to Ukraine. Moscow: “We’re just reorganizing”

Withdrawal of the Russians the cities of the east return

The yellow flag, like the fields of wheat and blue sky, a symbol of peace, flies over the rooftops. «Kupiansk is Ukraine. Glory to the armed forces ”, the adviser to the president of the Kharkiv Regional Council, Nataliya Popova, exults on social media. This is the announcement of the liberation of the city, occupied … Read more

Over 4 million citizens without branches: the great withdrawal of the banks

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

There are 3,062 Italian municipalities – which host a total of 4 million residents, 7% of the Italian population – that no longer have bank branches on their territory. This was revealed by a study by the main Italian banking union, the Fabi, according to which most of the more than 3 thousand municipalities without … Read more

Food withdrawal, watch out for this cheese: full of bacteria | It’s your favorite

Food withdrawal watch out for this cheese full of bacteria

PDO cheese withdrawn urgently, due to the possible presence of bacteria harmful to human health: at risk of contamination by Escherichia coli. Cheese – Dairy products can contain bacteria that are harmful to human health. Food withdrawal for a DOP cheese The Ministry of Health identified a contaminated cheese. Regular inspections by the Ministry … Read more

Ukraine, Moscow: ‘Lugansk conquered’. Ukrainian army announces withdrawal from Lysychansk – World

Salami or mortadella heres what to choose in the summer

After weeks of fierce fighting, Kiev’s forces withdrew from Lysychansk, the last bastion of Ukrainian resistance in Lugansk, the oblast that together with Donetsk forms the eastern Donbass region. It was the Moscow Defense Minister himself, Serghei Shoigu, who told President Vladimir Putin that Russian forces “have conquered the city of Lysychansk”, and consequently the … Read more

ATM, cash is gone: where it is impossible to make a withdrawal

ATM cash is gone where it is impossible to make

The banks they are closing more and more branches and withdrawing cash can become a business. The reason? In addition to the fight against cash, also the high commission costs.Factual stadiums that in the last year have disappeared in Italy well 1,831 bank branches and, in these first six months, others have also been added. … Read more

What does the withdrawal of the Ukrainians from Severodonetsk mean?

The Ukrainians have resigned themselves to withdrawing their troops from the city of Donbass, a devastated and hardly defensible locality: a moment that contains six messages on the war After weeks of very hard fights Kiev resigned to giving the order to withdraw troops from Severodonetsk, now devastated and hardly defensible. a moment of a … Read more

Palermo-City Group, towards closing: Baldini and Castagnini, withdrawal and market. Gardini …

An important week for Mirri’s Palermo which lays the foundations for the next competitive season in Serie B and travels quickly towards the formalization of the sale of the majority stake to the holding of Sheikh Mansour Struggling towards the turning point. Earned the deserved promotion in B series and defined in detail the negotiation … Read more