Iran, drones on a defense factory. WSJ: “Israel Attack.” Tehran: “They won’t stop us from developing nuclear power” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Iran drones on a defense factory WSJ Israel Attack Tehran

Drones that they explode in the heart of the country, in Isfahan, hitting a military “laboratory” and responsibility for the attack still uncertain, among newspapers accusing Israel, others pointing the finger at the United States and those who instead say that unmanned aircraft are parties from inside Iranian territory. Iran, overwhelmed by protests for months … Read more

The WSJ scoop: “The US sent modified missile launchers to Kiev to avoid attacks on Russian territory”

The WSJ scoop The US sent modified missile launchers to

The United States secretly modified the artillery system of the missile launchers Himars sent toUkraine so avoid that Kiev could use them to hit targets on the territories of Russia, and thus prevent an escalation of the ongoing conflict. The writes it Wall Street Journalciting US government sources who claim that the «precautionary changes» to … Read more

The WSJ: «This is how Russian oil evades US sanctions: exported through a refinery in Sicily» | The latest news on the war in Ukraine

from Online Editorial The news of Wednesday 2 November, live. The investigation of the economic daily: the Sicilian Lukoil refinery in Priolo, the passage that allows Russian crude to circumvent the American sanctions for the war in Ukraine and to arrive in the United States, sometimes returning to Europe • The war in Ukraine has … Read more