Year-end burnout, how to manage stress at work (and prevent burnout)

Tired and exhausted workers, who arrive at the end of the year with professional anxieties and anxieties bordering on burnout. While on the one hand the holiday season is associated with a moment of joy and family closeness, for many workers the last days of the year, between deadlines and budgets, can become complex to … Read more

What happened to Vladimir Putin: all traditional year-end public appointments cancelled

What happened to Vladimir Putin all traditional year end public appointments

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s end-of-year agenda has been overturned, all traditional public appointments cancelled Posted on: 15-12-2022 18:33 CONTENT CREATOR Freelance journalist, editor and copywriter, born and raised between Jesi and Ancona. Lover of reading and writing, he turns his passion into work, becoming an expert in writing for the web. Full of flaws, like … Read more

Putin Cancels Year-End Press Conference (Haven’t Happened For Over 10 Years)

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

The Russian president has canceled the traditional press conference: he had not held it between 2009 and 2011 (when he was only prime minister) and had canceled it only once, in 2005 The Russian president Vladimir Putin he will not hold the traditional end-of-year press conference. The spokesman made the announcement, Dmitry Peskov. It is … Read more