A gold watch that belonged to Hitler was auctioned for 1.1 million dollars

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Indignation of Jewish associations. “History must be preserved,” replies Alexander Historical Auctions. In the same lot there is also a dress by Eva Braun, autographed photos of Nazi hierarchs and a star of David with the words “Jude”

The eagle and the swastika. The initials “AH” and three dates that leave no room for interpretation. It was auctioned off Thursday in the US for 1.1 million dollars (About 1 million and 70 thousand euros, at current exchange rates) a clock Huber wristwatch given to Adolf Hitler in 1933, the year in which he was appointed Chancellor of Germania. Great it outrage of 34 personalities from the Jewish worldwhich already in previous days they had addressed to the auction house in possession of the object – Alexander Historical Auctions, based in Maryland – a formal cancellation request of the sale, calling it “a horror”. Nothing to do, however: “The story, be it good or bad, must be preserved“, he replied through Deutsche Welle the senior vice president of Alexander Historical Auctions Mindy Greenstein. And at the end, as revealed to the Washington Post by the president Bill Panagopulosto win the article was just “a European Jew»(Whose identity was not disclosed in any case).

Spoils of war

How to learn from the auction house website, the watch is believed to have been donated to the German dictator on April 20, 1933, when on the occasion of his 44th birthday he was made an honorary citizen of Bavaria together with the President of the Reich Paul von Hindenburg. There would be no evidence that the Nazi leader ever wore it, but it was later stolen May 4, 1945 (ie four days after the suicide of the Führer) by a group of French soldiers in the bunkers of the «Eagle’s Nest», His alpine residence in Berchtesgaden, on the Obersalzberg. After that he would remain in the hands of the family of a named sergeant for decades Robert Mignotwithout ever being sold to the public.

18-karat gold case

To tell the truth, the watch in question it wasn’t the only Nazi heirloom of the lot. In fact, among the other articles made available to the highest bidder, anche wears an Eva Braun dress, autographed photos of senior party officials and a yellow star of David with the words ‘Jude’ (meaning ‘Jew’ in German). Yup however, it certainly dealt with Strong pieceso much so that it was initially evaluated by Alexander Historical Auctions even between 2 and 4 million dollars. On the other hand, the intrinsic value of the accessory, with its own, is anything but modest reversible case in 18K yellow gold and its black lizard leather strap. Finally, as for the aforementioned three dates around the swastika, the first – 20.4.89 – is that of the birth of Hitler, the second – 30.1.33 – commemorates his appointment as Chancellor, while the third – 5.3.33 – recalls the federal elections which ensured the Nazis control of the Reichstag.

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A gold watch that belonged to Hitler was auctioned for 1.1 million dollars

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