Alessia Piperno is free, arriving today in Ciampino: “Excited and moved: I’m fine”

To welcome Alessia Pipernothe young woman digital nomad who passed away on September 26 in Iran, will be the prime minister Giorgia Meloniaccording to what qualified sources refer toHandle. The thirty-year-old Roman is already in flight and her landing is scheduled for these hours at the Rome Ciampino airport. “I’m fine, I’m excited and touchedPiperno said, speaking on the phone with her parents as soon as she got on the plane that is taking her back to Italy from Iran. According to what has been learned so far, the girl would have been delivered to the officials of the Italian embassy in Tehran directly at the airport. The young woman was arrested on 28 September, shortly after her birthday celebrations for reasons not clarified by the Iranian authorities, and released today 10 November. You spent your detention period in Evin dissident prison. Only thanks to a intense diplomatic work – says Palazzo Chigi – by the Italian authorities, Iran has agreed to let the girl return to Italy. The girl will embrace her family members, who on September 30, after four days without receiving news of her, had received a call from Alessia informing them of her arrest. In front of the NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenbergthe premier Giorgia Meloni he thanked the intelligence services, Undersecretary Mantovano, and the Farnesina «for the overtime»Performed. Shortly before, he had informed Alessia’s parents with a phone call. While in a tweet, the prime minister confirmed the news: «After intense diplomatic work, today our compatriot Alessia Piperno was released by the Iranian authorities and is preparing to return to Italy. I want to thank all those who helped bring Alessia back to her family ».

The story of Alessia Piperno

I was living the classic monotonous life of work, boy, some going out with friends and then again work, work, work“, had explained Alessia in 2018 at Gianluca Gotto’s blog. From there she had made the decision to start wandering around the world and to tell her travels on her Instagram profile. Her six years of travel had taken her to Iran, where she had arrived almost four months ago from Pakistan. During her stay there she had clashed with the different treatment women receive in the country: “I’m lucky to be able to sing out loud when I’m in the car, dance like crazy when I listen to music, ride a motorcycle, leave my hair fluttering to the sky, lucky to be able to walk down the street holding the hand of the person I love, without having to hide. If you are a woman, you are not allowed to do this in Iran. And now that I am in this part of the world where women do not have this freedom, I think about how much yes, I am lucky ».

The reason for the arrest

Although they never clarified the specific reasons for the arrest, the Iranian authorities had commented on the story remembering that “foreign citizens who are in Iran for tourism or business must respect the laws of the country“, Fueling the suspicion that she had been involved – even if it is not known to what degree – in the protests that for over two months have inflamed the country following the death of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old girl who died under suspicious circumstances after being arrested by the moral police for not wearing the Islamic headscarf in the correct manner. According to Italian intelligence, the hypothesis is well founded. The outbreaks of protest in Iran, in fact, are numerous and impromptu, and it is not unlikely to find themselves in the middle even unintentionally.

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Alessia Piperno is free, arriving today in Ciampino: “Excited and moved: I’m fine”

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