American media: “US intelligence provided information to Kiev to sink the cruiser Moskva”

What started out as a journalistic scoop made by the New York Times is quickly turning into one information bleeding that fromintelligence American end up on the pages and sites of the main American networks. But at the same time they complicate the US position in the Ukrainian conflict by exposing Washington at Russian retaliation. After the indiscretion published by Timesaccording to which the American apparatuses have provided information to Kiev to locate and kill Russian senior generals in the field, today the same newspaper, together with Washington Post, Cnn And Nbc report other tips regarding the cruiser Moskva which allowed the military to Volodymyr Zelensky from intercept it, hit it and sink it. Version which, if confirmed, could lead Vladimir Putin to consider the United States as a co-belligerent country, thus increasing the risk of a widening of the conflict worldwide.

According to the US media, citing anonymous sources close to the dossier, the cruiser was hit with anti-ship missiles Ukrainians. But Washington’s secret services provided the information needed to make the attack effective. For Nbc Newsthe Americans, at the request of the Kiev forces, confirmed that a ship in the Black Seareported by the Ukrainians, was in fact thecruiser Moskva belonging to the Navy of the federation, also providing its position. According to a US source cited by Postdespite the passage of valuable information, the United States “they weren’t aware”Of Ukraine’s target to hit the ship.

The news was denied in the morning by the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby: “We do not provide information on the position of senior military commanders on the battlefield nor participate in decisions on the objectives of the Ukrainian army,” he said, also responding to press rumors published yesterday by Timesaccording to which US intelligence collaborated with the Kiev military for locate and kill senior Russian commanders in Ukraineand which caused the reaction of the White House that defined the US newspaper “irresponsible”. “The Ukrainians – concluded Kirby – frankly have much more information than we do”. The spokesperson for the National Security Council of the White House, Adrienne Watsonafter yesterday’s article published by the NYT stated that “the United States provides intelligence on the ground to help Ukrainians defend their country, we do not provide intelligence with the intent of killing Russian generals”.

The immediate and in some cases disrupted reactions of the Biden administration testify to the awareness that if Washington’s active collaboration in the military operations in Kiev is demonstrated, this could be read by Vladimir Putin as a act of war. But there are two other elements that make you think. The first, that within the American intelligence an attempt is underway to put the administration in difficulty by transmitting confidential information to the media, to testify, perhaps, that some of the services do not share the unscrupulous positions hired by White House in the Ukrainian conflict, both from a diplomatic and a military point of view. The second, that the leaks were sent to newspapers traditionally close to the Dem positions.

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American media: “US intelligence provided information to Kiev to sink the cruiser Moskva”

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