An abandoned couple in the Maldives, for two Italians a nightmarish adventure on a desert island

Nightmare Maldives: a couple has been abandoned on a desert island by their guide. The two made a video to tell their experience

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Two young people Italian TikTokers they were having a dream vacation at Maldivesbut something suddenly went wrong: theirs guide has abandoned them on a deserted island and left them for hours at the mercy of a driving storm before returning to retrieve them. The two, once the fear had passed, recounted the misadventure in a video.

Forgotten on a desert island in the Maldives

Martina and Emmanuel they take care of the TikTok account ‘martieema’ followed by 65 thousand followers in which they show pictures of their holidays.

In one of the latest videos, they recounted the unexpected event that happened to them during a visit to the Maldives.

“You know the typical Maldives vacation, where you lay down in the morning and get up in the evening? Here, forget it!” the video begins.

The facts, told directly by the interested parties: “We had the most adrenaline-pumping experience of our lives. We had decided to go and see a beautiful sand spit in the ocean”.

“The guy who brought us seemed very quiet to us, but we didn’t believe it to the point of leaving us on the remote island and going away without saying a word”.

Maldives sea

The sea of ​​the Maldives, archive image.

Here comes the rain

“There and then – continues the story – we enjoyed the moment of peace, but within a few minutes the sky went super black and quite scary, and a storm it totally covered our sight.”

“We no longer saw the resort, the guy’s boat was very far awaybegan to get up a strong wind it’s at pour. Obviously we were alone and like in the worst horror movies the phone didn’t pick up“.

“The feeling of being abandoned on a desert island is the worst thing that can happen to you!” says Emanuele at the end of the video.

“Call it ‘island’ – Martina corrects him – it’s just a strip of land!”

Comments from followers

Someone in the comments advances the hypothesis that it is only a fabrication to make a nice video to spread on social networks: “but the boat was there afraid of that”, writes a user who has not escaped the presence of the boat in the video at 00:36.

The couple’s answer: “Obviously the guy was back there 😅 we only made videos when we were calm, in a panic we just tried to call someone”.

And to another user who asks why they were able to laugh during a similar experience, the two answer:

“No we were in a panic… we only laughed when he came back haha ​​of course we didn’t make videos at the time, we were just trying to call someone”.


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An abandoned couple in the Maldives, for two Italians a nightmarish adventure on a desert island

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