Attack on Russian Ships: Moscow Suspends Wheat Agreement Indefinitely | Ukraine Russia, the latest war news

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The war news on Sunday 30 October. Four ships exploded after a drone attack. Russia asks for a meeting at the UN Security Council

• The war in Ukraine came to 247th day.
• Between Friday and Saturday, in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russian Navy ships and bases were hit by a drone attack. Moscow has asked for a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss it. Kiev, for its part, insinuates that the explosions were caused by Russian anti-aircraft.
• Moscow has indefinitely suspended thewheat export agreement which had been signed in July. The Ukrainian foreign minister accuses Russia of having sought a false pretext to call itself out of the agreement.
• The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky invited the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Ukraine.

05:22 – The US criticizes Moscow: It uses food as a weapon

Washington he accused Russia of using food as a weapon for the indefinite suspension of its accession to the agreement for the export of wheat from the Black Sea. President Joe Biden spoke of a scandalous decision and a pretext.

05:10 – Moscow asks for a meeting of the UN Security Council

Russia has asked for a meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday onToday’s attack on Russian military and civilian ships at the port of Sevastopol, in the Crimea. Moscow explained that it considers the attack a terrorist act by Kiev.

05:00 – Doctors, bodies and tanks: the 3 lines of the Kherson front

(Andrea Nicastro, our correspondent) Kherson Front – It is no coincidence that the worst battle of the war is being prepared right here, according to Kiev. For Putin, Kherson indispensable to the water supply and security of naval bases in Crimea. For Zelensky, it would be the first great reconquest. And so, Major Sergej dictates the rules for visiting the front. Geolocation off. No photos on the outside of the places where the soldiers live or fight. Even just the profile of a roof or the inclination of the sun. Anything. Ukrainian intelligence knows that the Russians are scouring the Net and from a single image (and its metadata) they derive the coordinates for the missiles. For once, however, photos are not so essential. This land steeped in hatred and it is easier to hear it from the words of those who live it than to see it.

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04:51 – Kiev replies to Moscow: The explosions in Sevastopol caused by the Russian anti-aircraft

Kiev jokes aboutattack with drones against the base of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol, denounced today by the pro-Russian authorities of Crimea. The spokeswoman for the Ukrainian southern command, Nataliia Humeniuk, suggests that the damage may have been caused by the Moscow anti-aircraft missiles.

04:45 – Russia suspends the wheat export agreement

Russia has announced that it has indefinitely suspended its participation in the “Grain deal”, the agreement signed in July under the aegis of the UN for the export of wheat from Ukraine. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense, explaining that it had taken the decision after explosions occurred in Sevastopolwhich Moscow judged as a terrorist attack.

Moscow had explained that the ships attacked with drones in Sevastopol they are part of the Black Sea Fleet which guarantees safe corridors for exports.

04.40 am – Four Russian ships exploded in Sevastopol

Some open source sources confirm theattack in the Sevastopol bay. Kiev also reports that four Russian warships exploded as a result of the drone attack. HI Sutton on Twitter already pointed out that the same Russian media had announced the damage to some ships, including the cruise missile carrier Kalibr Makarov. Additionally, some images show black smoke rising skyward from the Sevastopol post.

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Attack on Russian Ships: Moscow Suspends Wheat Agreement Indefinitely | Ukraine Russia, the latest war news

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