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The closer the date of the November 5th the more aggressive nervousness spreads in circles which, to put it in the American way, are “only-war-oriented”, that is, they only preach war to the bitter end.

The event, which attracted the support of several hundred large and small associations, finally gives shape to the “Francesco line”, a line aimed at rationally addressing the catastrophe of war and to definitely avoid the nightmare of a nuclear accident.

The extremists for months, they have been covering with derogatory epithets anyone who presents a differentiated analysis: pro-Putinians, useful idiots, “party of surrender”. And yet – also following the heavy impact that the sanctions on Russia cause on the economic situation in Italy and in Europe – public opinion is growing in demand for a cease-fireaccompanied by the desire to know what the precise objectives of the conflict are.

There is no doubt that the event was ultimately reached thanks to the tenacious insistence with which Pope Bergoglio and the Catholic world have posed various problems: the roots of the conflict, its having immediately become a geopolitical clash between NATO and Russia, the senselessness of an all-out conflict, the importance of a reorganization of the world balance . They are themes that the psychological warfare strategyset by the United States and NATO, does not want them to be touched in the least.

Yet it is precisely the factual analysis of the international situation that is the key on which Vatican and Catholic exponents do not cease. When Andrea Tornielliof the Vatican Dicastery of Communication, underlines the prevalence of a “single thought” where “everyone seems to have put on their helmets”, in an atmosphere where you can breatheunconsciousness to believe that it is almost inevitable to slip into the nuclear abyss, it accurately describes the prevailing political landscape.

Let’s not forget that in Italy the RAI correspondent from Russia, Marc Innarowas eliminated from the Moscow office and transferred to the Cairo office for the simple fact of having shown the map of NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe on a talk show.

The Italian bishops, said the president of CEI cardinal Matteo Zuppithey will do everything possible to ensure that the pope’s appeal for a ceasefire “does not fall on deaf ears and is followed by seriously exploratory initiatives” to reach an agreement of peace. The crux, he stressed, lies in removing the causes of the conflict, which “are not only on one side!”. Putin must withdraw, but “if the roots are not resolved, other conflicts are generated”.

To give a concrete example, some reporters of the big newspapers cautiously mention that the Russian-speaking inhabitants (in practice Russians) of the Donbass do not feel represented by the Kyiv government. It is a fact that it is useless to hide.

The Futurethe newspaper of the bishops, is at the forefront of this analysis effort, which more than “pacifist” should be called rationalist. Halt to the war party is the title of one of the recent editorials ofFuture. Why – he writes Fulvio Scaglione former deputy director of Christian family with solid experience as a field envoy and correspondent – the all-out war party dominates the scene. East and West. It exists naturally in Russia, in the circles that push Putin towards an all-out war. But it also exists in Kyiv, where Zelensky and his “have not felt right, trusting in the unconditional support of the United States and in the push of Poland, the United Kingdom and the Baltics, the countries that most of all in Europe want to take the opportunity to cut the nails of the Russian bear”.

Of course, the bishops’ newspaper reiterates, “we know who is the aggressor and the attacked. But repeating it without doing anything is now a self-comforting mantra ”. Stopping the useless slaughter is urgent.

There papal position and of the Catholicism that follows it is articulated. It starts from the fact that the war, for which Putin is absolutely responsible, was not inevitable. In the circles of the Holy See and the CEI, it is especially regretted that Italy, Germany and France are unable to take a position to open a negotiation roadalso given the doubts about the continuation of the war that are emerging in the United States and the growing difficulties in which Putin is immersed.

In public discourse no political force, advocate of the nebulous “escalation to victory” program, has the courage to attack Francis head-on. At the most they turn away, saying “what else can a pontiff say?”. Some commentators poisonously whispers that Bergoglio’s positions are “very noble abstractions”.

But the facts remain facts. Not by chance Future highlights that there has been one fall into the role of Italy (in simpler words, one défaillance from Mario Draghi), because in the past Italian foreign policy had always been capable of “integrating American politics in a European and Mediterranean key”. And it is a serious void.

Only the American president escapes the Vatican Joe Biden is dealing with the situation in a prudent and rational way: in military supplies to Zelensky he has kept the difference between defensive weapons and wide-ranging offensive weapons, he has repeatedly dissuaded Kyiv from carrying out attacks in territories of the Russian Federationleaked that in the event of Putin’s use of tactical nuclear weapons, the American response would be devastating but not nuclear.

There is room then, as he says Andrea Riccardi, leader of the S. Egidio Community, to work on a “prospect of a ceasefire and a settlement of the situation”. Of course, the Catholic historian adds, there are substantial difficulties: “Russian toughness, the Ukrainian decree against those who negotiate”.

But at this point a political question for Europe which in economic terms is starting to pay a very high price because of the conflict: if the United States, NATO and the EU are co-belligerents (even if “non-combatants”) essential for Ukraine in the conflict with Russia – so essential that without their help the Ukrainian forces would have had to succumb – in what capacity Kyiv decides so lonely that it’s not about as long as Putin remains in power?

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Blog | Ukraine, the war party in Moscow and Kyiv that worries the Vatican – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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