Bombs in Sumy and Odessa: “A civilian died”. Johnson: “Today peace is impossible”. Scholz: “NATO-Russia conflict must be avoided” – Live coverage – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Johnson at the G7: “Today peace is impossible, ahead in supporting Ukraine”

Boris Johnson insists on taking the hard line against Russia among the leaders of the G7 summit. “What struck me in these two days – he said today quoted by the PA agency – is our extraordinary determination to go forward together; at the moment there is no peace agreement that President Zelensky can sign, therefore, in the current circumstances, the G7 must continue to support Ukraine ”. The British premier then admitted that militarily the situation in Kiev is now “very difficult in the east and south-east”, but not without repeating that the Ukrainian forces still want to fight and can “reverse positions”.

Kiev’s appeal to Lysychansk residents: “Leave the city, the situation is too dangerous”

The regional governor of Lugansk, Sergey Gaidai, asks civilians to immediately leave Lysychansk, the twin city of Severodonetsk under Russian bombing. “Dear residents of the territorial community of the city of Lysychansk – he writes on Telegram – and their relatives. Due to the real threat to life and health, we are calling for immediate evacuation. The situation in the city is very difficult. Save yourself and your loved ones. Take care of the children. Rest assured that you will be taken care of in the evacuation cities on the territory of Ukraine ”.

Scholz at the G7 after the bilateral agreement with Trudeau: “I support Kiev but conflict between NATO and Russia must be avoided”

“We talked about support for Ukraine and the fact that, with tough measures, we will do everything possible to support it. But we also underlined the fact that we will avoid a conflict between NATO and Russia ”. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this on the sidelines of a bilateral meeting with Canadian Justin Trudeau at the Elmau G7. The two leaders took a walk together in the castle grounds, discussing the main challenges on the agenda at the G7.

Scholz at the G7: “We must not fall into the trap set by Putin”

We must not fall into the “trap set by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who claims that the world is divided into the global West – that is, the G7 and its friends from the North – and everyone else. It is not true”. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this to the ‘ZDF’ broadcaster. It is with this intent, Sholz explained, that the host countries of the G7, namely India, Indonesia, South Africa, Senegal and Argentina, were invited to Schloss Elmau. None of the countries concerned had sided with Russia at the UN General Assembly. Now is the time to show solidarity, “because the Russian war of aggression has consequences for the whole world,” said the German Chancellor.

Bombs on Kharkiv: “Killed two women”

A 21-year-old woman and another 57-year-old died in the Kharkiv region as a result of Russian bombing. Local governor Oleh Synyehubov announced it on the Telegram. The media in Kiev reported it

Kiev: “Since the beginning of the war 35 thousand Russian soldiers have been killed”

About 35,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine since the invasion began, according to the Kiev army. In its update on Moscow’s losses so far, the Ukrainian military indicates that 217 fighters, 184 helicopters and 636 drones have also been shot down. Ukrinform reports it. In addition, the Kiev forces claim to have destroyed 1,552 Russian tanks, 771 pieces of artillery, 3,687 armored vehicles for transporting troops, 14 ships and 139 cruise missiles.

Kiev: “Belarus sent 20 railway wagons loaded with ammunition to Russia”

Belarus has sent up to 20 railroad cars loaded with ammunition to Russia for the war against Ukraine, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Facebook, according to reports Ukrinform. “According to the information available, the leadership of the Republic of Belarus continues to provide military support to the Russian Federation – writes the General Staff – In particular, another shipment of ammunition, up to 20 rail cars, was sent to the Belgorod region” , on the eastern border of Ukraine.

Sources: “The US will provide Kiev with a new anti-aircraft defense system”

President Joe Biden will announce that the United States will provide Ukraine with new advanced anti-aircraft defense systems and additional artillery support. Some informed sources report it. The US is in fact buying the ‘Nasams’ from Norway, an anti-aircraft system developed to provide medium and long-range defense, according to the person who spoke on condition of anonymity. It is the same used by the United States to protect the sensitive airspace around the White House and Capitol in Washington.

Zelensky to Belarusians: “Putin wants to drag you to war, but you are not slaves or slaughter fodder”

“I want to address the citizens of Belarus, both civilians and those in uniform. You have been involved in the war. The Kremlin has already decided everything for you: your lives are worth nothing to them. But you are not slaves or cannon fodder. You don’t have to die and you can prevent anyone from deciding what awaits you ”. This was stated by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his night video message on telegram.

Bombing in the Sumy region. Kiev: “A civilian killed, another injured”

A civilian was killed and another was wounded in an attack launched yesterday by Russian forces in the Sumy region of eastern Ukraine: the head of the regional military administration, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, announced it on Telegram last night, according to reports. Ukrainska Pravda. “Today (yesterday, ed.) Passed under constant fire. The enemy fired artillery and missiles from its territory (from Russia, ed). They launched rockets not guided by helicopters ”.

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Bombs in Sumy and Odessa: “A civilian died”. Johnson: “Today peace is impossible”. Scholz: “NATO-Russia conflict must be avoided” – Live coverage – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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