Bucha’s butcher has a name: that’s who he would be

Is called Sergey Kolotsey and he is the first Russian soldier, with a known name and surname, suspected of carrying out a massacre of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine. The identikit of the man was released by the Ukrainian attorney general Iryna Venediktova on his Facebook page.


Kolotsey is accused by the Kiev police and prosecutors of having killed four men unarmed last March 18 and having tortured another civilian on the 29th of the same month. The first would have been found with their hands tied behind their backs and evident signs of torture on the body. The fifth person would have been forced to confess subversive activities against the Moscow army, after being shot by the soldier with the handle of a rifle.

The details were told on Telegram by the office of the General Attorney. “It was established that the Russian military – reads the press release – forced a victim to confess subversive activities against the Russian army. To do this, she beat the man, in particular with the handle of the rifle. Faking an execution, he shot close to the ear of an unarmed civilian. Investigations are underway to determine if he is responsible for other crimes“. According to what was reported by the Kyiv IndependentKolotsey, during the alleged crimes attributed to him, held the title of National Guard unit commander Russian.

Photo and identikit of the suspect

Prosecutor Venediktova wrote a very long post on Facebook, accompanied by three photos, in which she provided all the information necessary to track down the suspect. The first image, which has become one of the symbols of the atrocities committed in Bucha, shows the bodies of some civilians killed and left on the ground, in Yablunskaya Street, with their hands tied behind their backs. “In the photo the victims are three, while the fourth has not entered the image. Three fire wounds to the head. The fourth man was shot in the internal organs. They all are victims of the invaders“wrote Venediktova.

The second photo depicts Kolotsey, the commander of the administration unit of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation in the Ulyanovsk region. The man is portrayed inside a Belarusian post office together with some military colleagues. “Prosecutors and Bucha police discovered that it was this soldier who killed four unarmed men on March 18. On March 29, he tortured another civilian by forcing him to confess to the bogus activity against the Russian army“, commented the prosecutor, who also accused him of having exercised on civilians”a perverse form of bullying And intimidation“.

Investigations ongoing

The third image is instead a close-up of Kolotsey, dark jacket and pen in hand, intent on signing a document. “Based on the evidence collectedof the examination of the victims and of the portrait, the prosecutors of the Buchansk District Prosecutor’s Office informed the Rosgvard√≠jc of the suspicion of violent behavior with the civilian population and of other violations of laws and customs of war, combined with intentional killings“, added Venediktova herself.

Finally, the final appeal to all Ukrainian citizens and beyond. “If you recognize this Russian official and have evidence of his involvement in other atrocities please send the evidence to our hub or contact the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office: 097-053-04-65, 097-838-31-87, 050-107-66- 75; or Buchan District Attorney’s Office: 063-530-69-06“Apparently, the manhunt of Kiev has just begun.

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Bucha’s butcher has a name: that’s who he would be

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