Cannabis, the former Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza who uses it against his pathology: “I had chronic pain, I was reborn. Let it be legal” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

More than two years after the start of the discussion in the Justice Committee, the law for the self-production of cannabis, which provides for the possibility of cultivating 4 plants for personal usethe strengthening of the concept of minority and the elimination of administrative sanctions always for personal use, has landed in the Chamber where the deputies are preparing to vote on it before the passage to the Senate. The vote was scheduled for July 13, but the League’s stonewalling activity it then led to a further postponement. This is not a real one legalization and a real market would not be created as happened in dozens of US states, Canada and Uruguay, but according to the promoters it would be a concrete way to start changing things and give patients and consumers the opportunity to produce their own cannabis, without feed the organized crime that holds the monopoly of trade. In Italy, to date, it is not a crime to consume cannabis but it is to produce it.

In the rest of the European countries the discussion is based on the merits of the various proposals, with governments analyzing the enormous potential of a market that falls within the law that in the US has established itself as the driving force that is creating the most jobs ever (430,000 full-time at the beginning 2022), and discuss a new approach to drugs based on education rather than repression, with Malta which has recently authorized the self-production of cannabis, Luxembourg which wants to follow suit, and Germany where the government is moving forward with the idea of ​​legalizing cannabis by the end of the legislature by launching one of the largest global markets.

From the United States it is now evident that legalization did not increase neither i consumption among adolescents nor children accidents road, is that the money that cannabis brings into the coffers of the state (only in Colorado from 2014 to the beginning of 2022 on over 6 billion and 400 million sales, taxes amounted to almost one billion dollars) are used for social purposes by giving homes to the homeless, scholarships to students – just to give two examples – and by providing information on substances and their effects. Just as the theory of passage has been denied, which would see – without any scientific study to prove it – cannabis as a gateway to hard drugs, given that precisely in the USA they are studying and experimenting it as output substance from far worse addictions such as opioids, alcohol or cocaine. Regarding its danger just remember a published study in Scientific Reports which ranks it 114 times less lethal than alcohol itself. In Italy, ddifferent right-wing politicians, with Lega and Fratelli d’Italia firmly opposing the bill, now continue to repeat that cannabis, given Italy’s problems, it is not a priority. However, i citizens they responded to the referendum collection with 630,000 signatures in less than a month, which for years have been demanding that cannabis be freed from the yoke in which politics has placed it.

To about interviewed Alfredo Ossinoretired Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza, who has been using the medical cannabis for the pathology that afflicts him. “First of all, the debate is vitiated by the position of the right with phrases like ‘drugs are dead’ without making distinctions between substances that are completely different from each other. It is a position that I strongly contest, as is considering cannabis as a gateway drug to the heavier ones. We try to identify cannabis as bad for our kids when we never talk about alcohol, which is the most common drug, and you don’t need to be a finance marshal to explain all the damage it does “.

Do you take cannabis?
I have a cannabis prescription of 3 grams per day with high THC levels, I use it and I am not high, I can lead my life, keep fit and exercise at a high level, staying alert.

What would change if the state authorized the domestic cultivation of 4 plants?
That a citizen who consumes it could self-produce it at home, keeping the quality of the product under control and without feeding the black market that is in the hands of the mafia and crime, thus avoiding contact with street dealers that can be dangerous. I am also in favor of taking a step further and that is to legalize it completely, so that it becomes a real economic sector in the open, also because it is a substance used by millions of citizens that it is impossible to make disappear from society. Not to mention the problems of those who use it for therapeutic purposes.

Even for those with a prescription, cannabis is hard to find in pharmacies. Not only that, because as the law is set up, there are regions in Italy and pathologies for which it can be free, and others not. Those who have to buy it out of their own pockets pay 10 euros per gram, with very expensive treatment plans and access to therapies that, on the other hand, remains very complex. The Lorenzin decree (which authorizes the production of medical cannabis in Italy, ed) is from 2015 and I had the first therapeutic plan issued by the hospital in 2021: when I showed it to my doctor, he looked at me as if I were crazy. We are on the high seas.

What would be the solution?
If cannabis were made legal, production would be under the control of the state or licensed companies and above all a large slice of the economy would emerge (a study by Sapienza predicts a potential annual turnover of 8/10 billion euros a year in Italy, ed) which would allow the development of a new sector, paying taxes and creating thousands of jobs, as well as truly protecting the health of the youngest, who could later study it and carry out research.

How did you come to use cannabis?
At the age of 43, in 2007, I was discharged for various back problems and in particular at the cervical level: the hernias compressed the medulla and therefore my limbs fell asleep, including the right arm with which I should have used the gun. From 2007 to 2013 they filled me with opiates. I had come to weigh 90 kilos and I thought that soon I would die, no joke: I could not even take 10 steps and I was full of pain and nausea. I had surgery and I solved the problem of paresthesias (the falling asleep of the limbs, ed) but the chronic pain remained. I found myself looking for a remedy alone and found it in cannabis. From there, believe me, I was reborn: cannabis took away my pains and gave me the input to return to a normal life: today I live well, I have no pain, I train and I weigh 66 kilograms: at 58 years old I’m in perfect shape. The only thing left is the “stigma” of being a cannabis user.

What do you feel like saying to our politicians?
I am enthusiastic about cannabis: shouldn’t society understand how a half-dead person, with all the certifications, even military ones, that attest to it, today lives well, jumps rope and does push-ups? Even thanks to cannabis I could in theory go back to work, even if in practice it is not possible. But why, if it has been legal for years, no doctor proposed it to me before the discharge? In theory, the 18 months of leave would have served precisely to find solutions to avoid it. Do you know how much it costs to train a non-commissioned officer of the Guardia di Finanza? Lots of money. This monopoly must be removed from organized crime, which is harmful to young people, to the economy and to the country, even at the cultural level. It can be a great opportunity, we mustn’t waste it.

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Cannabis, the former Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza who uses it against his pathology: “I had chronic pain, I was reborn. Let it be legal” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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