Charles III, the fingers of the new King of the United Kingdom worry: health concerns, medical opinion

King Charles’s swollen and red fingers have already raised some doubts about his health conditions: here are what could be the reasons

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Live televised images of the formal proclamation of the new King of the United Kingdom went around the world Charles III, which for the first time took place under the gaze of the cameras. “I am deeply aware of this great legacy, duties and heavy responsibilities,” she said.

Now all eyes are on the firstborn of Elizabeth IIwhich at the age of 73 is the heir to the oldest throne in history. And many in the UK have begun to question his actual health condition, particularly after noticing the fingers of his hands clearly swollen and red.

The mystery of King Charles’ fingers

To shed light on the issue of the anomalous fingers of King Charles it was the British tabloid ‘Daily Star’, which interviewed Dr. Gareth Nye, senior lecturer at the University of Chester. The doctor explained that the causes related to his condition could be different, but some would be more likely than others.

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King Charles talks with Premier Liz Truss at Buckingham Palace

In any case, in the opinion of Nyethe signals they would not pose serious problems, if not those common to many elderly people. “There are certainly no immediate health problems to be traced back to the swollen fingers, and it’s most likely a sign of age,” she hastened to clarify.

The edema hypothesis

The University of Chester professor argued that the most likely hypothesis of swelling and redness is that ofedema.

It is a condition “in which the body begins to retain fluids in the limbsnormally in the legs and ankles but also in the fingers, causing them to swell “.

Doctor Nye he recalled that it normally affects people over the age of 65, “since the ability to control liquids is limited”.

The arthritis hypothesis

In case there is no edema, another possible cause according to the doctor could be arthritisalso this common condition in over 60s.

“It often strikes three main areas of the hand: the thumb joint or both finger joints, which become stiff, sore and swollen, ”he pointed out to the British tabloid.

“Although drugs can help with pain – he specified – swelling may remain“.

A third hypothesis

Alongside the two hypotheses related to edema and arthritis, therefore considered quite common, Dr. Gareth Nye has included other more specific ones.

He explained that for example the less common causes of swollen fingers of King Charles “May include a diet rich in salt which leads to fluid retention.”

Or alternatively the condition could also be caused by some medications as a side effect. Among these, “those for blood pressure and steroid ones”.


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Charles III, the fingers of the new King of the United Kingdom worry: health concerns, medical opinion

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