Charlie Hebdo, threats and insults to an Italian cartoonist: increased vigilance. Magazine website hacked

The site of the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo it was hacked. In full controversy for Tehran due to the latest caricatures published by the editorial staff regarding the supreme leader Khameneia few hours ago the site of the magazine was the victim of a cyber attack on which the French justice opened an inquiry. The complaint was filed by the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo. The latest edition of the newspaper released a few hours ago and which has created quite a few controversies and reactions is dedicated to all the demonstrators who have been crowding Iranian squares for over four months to claim their freedoms. But also to remember the victims of the attack eight years ago on the headquarters of the Paris newspaper. A choice that aroused the immediate reaction also by the Iranian government. After seeing on the published pages theayatollah Khamenei depicted with a vagina around his face or wearing a turban with a lit fuse, the foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian did not hesitate to comment: «They chose one Wrong Way. We recently imposed fines on Charlie Hebdo. To this insulting and rude move of the French periodical we will respond decisively and effectively».

Among the cartoonists also an Italian: for him threats and insults

Among the cartoons published in the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo also that of Paul Lombardi, Italian author from the province of Arezzo. The 59-year-old former worker was one of the 35 winners of the competition organized by the French editorial team which invited participants to create illustrations featuring the Supreme Guide of the Islamic Republic. Lombardi’s drawing that depicts a woman urinating on the image ofayatollah Khamenei was featured on the front page of the special issue. Immediately after the spread against the artist from Arezzo, a storm of insults and social threats broke out, which came under the magnifying light of the police for the plausible risk of reckless actions. In the coming days, again according to what is learned from the police themselves, the prefecture of Arezzo will decide whether to adopt even more targeted measures. Lombardi already has a track record recognized in French newspapers having published cartoons for Le Monde And Le Figaro and in other publications. On the last story, he himself now explains: «I participated in a competition organized by the French newspaper and I later discovered that I was among the 35 cartoonists chosen for publication, even on the front page. This cartoon is the result of my indignation at what is happening in Iran. I consider freedom of expression fundamental. Almost all the designers are Iranian and they risk more than me. I have an Iranian friend who I no longer hear from.’ And again: «In the past I had another job but I’ve been drawing all my life. I have often been attacked before, it happened to me for example for cartoons about Erdogan. But I go on because through satire I am convinced that I am also defending freedom».

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Charlie Hebdo, threats and insults to an Italian cartoonist: increased vigilance. Magazine website hacked

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