Check the “partition map”: what the Tsar really wants

What will happen if it does Tsar will conquer the Donbass? It will finally be part of the Russian territory like Vladimir Putin have you tried to do for a few years now? We do not know for sure but the Russian president has already “drawn” his ideal map as if he were already the winner, victorious, as has been leaked in recent days by some Russian sites. On May 9 he will have to present something concrete during the Moscow celebrations of the famous “Victory Day” in which the Russians got the better of the Nazi Germans. But that was another story.

Here is the Putin map

The current story, on the other hand, is different: it is an achievement that has practically no merit but must come for personal ends and purposes, to leave a mark before its inevitable political and demographic decline. So here it is new map of Russia ideally redesigned for Putin’s use and consumption: the western areas would remain in Ukraine while the western and southern areas should have the horizontal white, blue and Russian colors of the Russian Federation. As he remembers The printthis map resembles that of the “Novorossja”, a confederation “the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine“, both controlled by pro-Russian separatists. In practice, they are the territories bordering the Black Sea that have always been dear to the Tsar.

The Crimean obsession

Courses and historical recourses, the empress Catherine “the Great”, already in the eighteenth century wanted to rebuild the Byzantine empire. The cities of the current theater of war such as Cherson and Odessa, for example, had to take on the appearance of the Neoclassical and Rococo styles according to the wishes of the sovereign. “Putin re-reads Russian history with the long-winded theology that considers the centralized state as the first and absolute value and therefore is already a form of nationalism“, the experts write in the newspaper. Crimea has always been a sort of Russian” obsession “after the humiliation suffered in recent years. Without that, however, the Tsar will not be at peace with himself.”Without Crimea and Donbass impossible deal“, he declared a few days ago during the meeting with Guterres.

The partition project

If Ukraine is not completely denazified and demilitarized, this Special Military Operation will be remembered as a failure. We just have to keep going“said al Corriere della Sera Dmitry Rodionov, director of the Geopolitical Research Center of the Institute of Innovative Development which carries out studies and analyzes for the Moscow Ministry of Defense. “Months ago we received the task of studying various theoretical projects of partition of Ukraine. But the first, namely the simple liberation of the Donbass, is now overtaken by the events and the obstinacy of the Kiev regime in postponing the surrender“, he says, adding that”Southern Ukraine must return to a Russian space, we will see later with what formula. The western part of the country must be left to its fate“.

In short, the road has been drawn: Putin will not give up until he gets what he wants. Other than May 9, that is, in eight days as the deadline to end the conflict. The war will be long, or at least not short. Many things will have to change and many leading “actors” will still have to have their say.

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Check the “partition map”: what the Tsar really wants

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