China, the front of the protest against the government is expanding: citizens take to the streets in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdou and Wuhan – The videos

The protest areas of the population are expanding by the hour China against the zero-policyCovid decided by Beijing and against the tightening of isolation measures, while infections are constantly increasing throughout the country. In fact, the country today records a new record of daily positives, touching altitude 40 thousand. In some videos circulated on social networks, demonstrations are also seen in Chengdoua major city in the nation’s southwest, where protesters are shouting free speech slogan, recalling the history and human rights against the dictatorship. The violent protests against the Beijing government have gradually intensified and spread to the main Chinese cities, arriving in particular in the Beijing and Shanghai universitiesand today, November 27, also a Wuhanthe Chinese city “symbol” of the pandemic, where hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets to protest against government restrictions.

The protest of the white sheets against censorship

The cold does not stop the Chinese citizens who continue the protests. International newspapers also report a peaceful protest where hundreds of citizens gathered holding blank sheets of paper, as a symbol against censorship. A vigil was also organized for the victims of the November 24 fire Urumqi. “Come on Chinese! Long live the people!», the demonstrators shouted. There are several tragedies that the protesting Chinese are recalling in their slogans. “Don’t forget those who died in the Guizhou bus crash. Don’t forget freedom,” a protester says recalling when a bus carrying residents to a Covid-19 quarantine facility crashed, killing 27 on board.

Clashes with the police

In the past few hours, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets and squares of Shanghaicalling for the resignation of the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinpingto the cry of: «Xi Jinping, step down! Down with the Communist Party!». The images arriving from China show violent clashes between protesters and the police. There was, however, a moment of applause for an officer who listened to the protesters who did not want to follow the order to go home. Following this, part of the crowd would agree to go home.

When and why did the protests start?

In the night between Friday and last Saturday, very strong tensions exploded in the region of Xinjiangwhere they live approx 10 million Uyghurswhich they have been denouncing for years persecutions, violence and discrimination by the Chinese authorities. And last Thursday, in the capital of the far west region of Xinjiang,a Urumqi 10 people died, while 9 were seriously injured trying to save themselves from the flames due to a fire that broke out in a residential building. Anger grew more and more following the fire, with the population accusing the local authorities of having delayed the rescue operations also due to the measures of lockdown and for preventing people from getting to safety by blocking the exits from the building. He charges categorically rejected by the Urumqi authorities, who, however, following the protests, revoked the lockdown in different districts of the city.

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China, the front of the protest against the government is expanding: citizens take to the streets in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdou and Wuhan – The videos

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