China’s reaction after Pelosi’s visit: large military exercises around Taiwan

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“Large-scale military maneuvers and training” including artillery fire and Dongfeng ballistic missiles. The exercises in seven maritime areas. Beijing: “Legitimate response to Nancy Pelosi’s provocation”

China has kicked off at 12 local (6 in Italy) at most large military exercises never made around Taiwan in a crescendo of tensions in response to the president’s visit to the island Usa room Nancy Pelosi. The official media recall that these are “large-scale military maneuvers and training” which include launches of artillery and missile shots in seven off-limits maritime areas for navigation and overflight, in a showdown by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). More areas encroach on the territorial and inland waters of Taiwanas well as in the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

The bullets were fired shortly after the drills began and were clearly heard on the Chinese island of Pingtan, located right in front of Taiwan, therefore very close to the maneuvers, in progress in an area where there are several military sites. According to what was announced by the Beijing Ministry of Defense, the maneuvers also concern ballistic missiles Dongfeng, produced by the People’s Republic and also known in the West. The Navy and the Air Force of the People’s Republic of China will hold exercises in the waters around Taiwan between today and Sundayaccording to the Chinese authorities (although the Taipei Maritime Office talks about extended maneuvers at least until Monday)
. Two of the sea areas targeted by Beijing are less than twenty kilometers from the island, one less than ten and another fifty kilometers from the capital Taipei. This kind of pressure could come to build a block around the island and also make it difficult to fly civilian aircraft. Taiwanese authorities canceled more than fifty flights. The risk of a direct confrontationprovoked or random, it is high.

“Taiwan is an internal issue concerning China and the visit of the President of the United States House Nancy Pelosi is one provocation and a violation of sovereignty and our territorial integrity, not a “defense of democracy and freedom” as has been said ». This was stated by the spokesman for the Chinese State Council Ma Xiaoguangwhich covers the Taiwan area, to the television channel CGTN, owned by the state publishing group Voice of China. “Taiwan remains our internal business, not a regional issue. We are therefore entitled to take appropriate countermeasures.” Meanwhile Pelosi may be leaving soon Seoul to visit the dividing line between South and North Koreato then reach Tokyo.

The armed forces of Taiwan Now they monitor what surrounds the island in response to the activities of the People’s Republic of China. «They have the goal of change the status quo and destabilize security of the region, ”the Taipei Defense Ministry said in a statement on the day of the start of large-scale Chinese military maneuvers around the island. “We do not seek escalationbut we don’t stop when it comes to our security and sovereignty. We will support the principle of preparing for war without seeking war and with the attitude of not intensifying conflicts and not causing controversy ».

A condemnation of China’s “targeted military exercises” around Taiwan came from the head of diplomacy of European Union Josep Borrellwho pointed out how the visit of the speaker of the American House Nancy Pelosi on the island is not a motivation capable of justifying such a reaction. “There is no reason to use the visit as a pretext for u
n aggressive military activity in the Taiwan StraitWrote Borrell on Twitter. “It is normal for the legislators of our countries to travel internationally. We encourage all parties to remain calm, exercise restraint and act transparently, ”added Borrell, now at Phnom Penh in Cambodiawith the EU delegation for the ASEAN ministerial summit (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

August 4, 2022 (change August 4, 2022 | 09:54)

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China’s reaction after Pelosi’s visit: large military exercises around Taiwan

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