Chubais, the man of many lives and Putin’s former loyalist hospitalized in Sardinia

from Marco Imarisio

The man, confirmed by qualified sources, is not in danger of life and the results of the further tests ordered are awaited, which have been sent to an external laboratory

Anatolij Chubais certainly a man of many lives, who knows many things. But the label of hero, dissident or opponent that was assigned to him after his flight from Russia is very wide. Let’s start from the beginning, from an identity card that by itself sums up the complexity of the Russian question.

Born in 1955 in Belarus, between 1962 and 1967 he lives in Ukraine, first in Odessa and then in Lviv. When the family moved to the future St. Petersburg, he organized a circle of liberal economists and supporters of the free who soon allied himself with the Muscovite Egor Gajdar, future head of the government with Yeltsin and head of the reforms of what was to become post-Russia. Communist. In the early nineties he became the main collaborator of the then mayor of St. Petersburg Anatolij Sobchak, best known as Vladimir Putin’s political godfather. Since then, he has been part of the so-called extended family from which the vertical of Putinian power was born.

Not a coincidence that the alarm about his condition was launched by the presenter Ksenya Sobchak, daughter of Anatolij who still today the current president considers her benefactor. Family business. Also for this reason, many argue that his late March escape was actually authorized by the Kremlin, the last favor to an elderly and sick man. Chubais an integral part of recent Russian history. It was he, placing himself at the head of the State Heritage Committee, who prepared the privatization program that sold off the main Russian public companies to a few people.

This is why he is considered the father, or godfather, of every oligarch. During the Yeltsin era he was deputy premier several times, as well as head of the Kremlin administration. In 1999 he was among the first to understand that under Putin Russia’s liberal turn would remain a mirage. With the rising star Boris Nemtsov he founded the Union of Right Forces, which entered the Duma with 32 deputies. But he never agrees between the two, because Chubais insisted on soft opposition within the system. In March 2005 he suffered an attack, saving himself thanks to his armored car. An episode never clarified, which many attribute to the extra-institutional activities of Chubais, a man who has always shown a certain propensity for personal enrichment. Shortly before the 2008 elections, perhaps the most contestable of the last twenty years due to the expiry of Putin’s second presidential term, he destroyed Nemstov’s political career by suddenly dissolving their party and joining Causa Giusta, an organization controlled by the Kremlin.

The new president Dmitry Medvedev immediately appointed him head of Rosnano, the state agency for the development of Russian nanotechnologies. Nemstov, it should be remembered, was killed on February 27, 2015 while walking on the bridge leading to the Kremlin. In recent years, Chubais has lived on the edge of true power, contenting himself with a few prebends. When he fled to Italy, he was assistant to the president for international relations on sustainable development. Not really Putin’s first concern and interest.

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Chubais, the man of many lives and Putin’s former loyalist hospitalized in Sardinia

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