Colombia, Italian scientist stabbed in Barichara: the ambush in an attempted robbery on vacation is serious

72-year-old Marco Ehrlich, a 22-year resident of Colombia, was stabbed after a robbery: his condition

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An Italian scientist, who has lived in Colombia for years, was attacked and stabbed in Barichara, in the department of Santander. The 72-year-old man was ambushed during an attempted robbery as he was entering the farm owned by him, where he was on vacation with his family. According to what he leaks from Colombia, the man is now hospitalized in serious condition.

Italian scientist stabbed, it’s serious

The assault, according to reports from The Vanguard, took place on Wednesday in the city of Barichara, in the department of Santander. This is where the 72-year-old Marco Ehrlich22 years in Colombia, was spending a short holiday with his family before returning to work.

Suddenly, as he was returning home, the man was surprised by two criminals on motorcycles. Stabbed in the left side, Ehrlich collapsed to the ground. Rescued on the spot and rushed to hospital, the 72-year-old was diagnosed with deep wounds to his arm and left armpit, while the lung is damaged.

Transferred to the San Gil hospital in fairly serious conditions, the Italian scholar is nonetheless considered by health professionals to be out of danger.

The dynamics of the ambush

According to what is learned from the Colombian media, Ehrlich would have been the victim of an ambush carried out by some criminals. Two people, it is reconstructed, would have approached the farm owned by the 72-year-old by motorcycle with theaim to rob him.

At the time of the attack, the Italian scientist was carrying a bag with some personal items. In an attempt to snatch it from him, the two criminals allegedly found strong resistance from the 72-year-old, hence the fury with over four stab wounds in the direction of the elderly man.

Who is the Italian stabbed in Colombia

Marco Ehrlich is a 72-year-old Italian scholar and scientist who moved to Colombia 22 years ago to pursue his career. The man, according to the media, lives and works in Bogota where he holds the position of scientific and technological deputy director of the Amazonian Institute for Scientific Research (Sinchi).

Well known among Colombian environmentalists, Ehrlich is forest engineer from the University of Florence and has years of studies in Italy and around the world behind him. Sinchi’s deputy science and technology director since 2014, the 72-year-old has extensive experience in environmental management and information, land use planning and sustainable development.


Photo source: ANSA

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Colombia, Italian scientist stabbed in Barichara: the ambush in an attempted robbery on vacation is serious

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