Congo, Father Zanotelli: “Let’s break the silence on the ongoing genocide: the immense mineral wealth has already caused 12 million deaths” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

“Let’s break the silence on the Congo. In that country there is a genocide and there is a risk that it could explode second African international warbut no one talks about it.” To launch this appeal is Father Alex Zanotelli84 years of which twelve spent at Korogochothe largest slums of Kenya.

Today the Combonian who was also director of Africa denouncing the interests of Italy in the wars of the dark continent, lives in a church tower of the Health district of Naplesbut he does not forget what is happening outside our country and above all in Africa where he also served as a missionary in Sudan from 1965 to 1973. “It’s amazing how abundant the information is about Ukrainian war and how much silence there is about the one in Congo, but also about many other forgotten African conflicts, such as the one in South Sudan”, explains Father Zanotelli. The opportunity to give a voice to the Congo arose from the recent visit to Naples of the well-known gynecologist Denis MukwegeNobel Peace Prize winner who recounted the dramatic situation in which his people live.

“In the Congo – says Zanotelli – there is a war that has lasted for sixty years and has already twelve million dead. And all this for the immense mineral wealth of this State which has become his curse. In that country, in fact, there are the essential minerals for thehigh tech such as coltan (80% of world production), cobalt, the lithium, (and many others) which are fundamental elements for our mobile phones, for the electric batteries of our cars. All these minerals, which are often the result of the work of children, do not pass by Kinshasa, the capital of Congo, but are illegally transferred to Uganda and Rwanda, to then enter the international circuit. The winners are above all the West and the multinationals, but the losers are Congo, classified as the third poorest country in the world”.

Today Rwanda is waging war on the Congo to annex the neighboring provinces of theIturi he was born in North Kivurich in these minerals. It does so through the March 23 Movement which is advancing towards Goma, the capital of the North-East. To face this appalling situation there are the Congolese army and the UN mission for the stabilization of the Congo. Not only that, now Kenya has also sent, in the name of East African community, nine hundred Kenyan soldiers. All of this has prompted half a million Congolese to flee to neighboring countries and six million to seek refuge in other parts of the Congo.

“The situation – says Father Zanotelli – is so serious that many fear that the second African international war could break out. Let us not forget that behind the forces in the field in Congo are the great powers: the USA, the EU, but also the Russia and especially the China. In this context it is providential the Apostolic visit of Pope Francis in Congo and South Sudan, canceled last July due to knee problems. We don’t want to talk about genocide because the West has too many interests in that country! And this cruelty can only cease if Western democracies intervene”.

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Congo, Father Zanotelli: “Let’s break the silence on the ongoing genocide: the immense mineral wealth has already caused 12 million deaths” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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